Nuuk (Aboot this soondpronunciation , translatit: "The peninsula", Dens: Godthåb, translatit: "Guid howp") is the caipital o Greenland, the northrenmaist caipital in North Americae an the lairgest ceety in Greenland. Locatit on a island in the Nuup Kangerlua fjord, the ceety lies on the eastren shore o the Labrador Sea an on the wast coast o Sermersooq. Nuuk is a lairger cultural an economic centre for Greenland. The caipital is naurest tae the ceeties o Iqaluit an St. John's in Canadae, an Reykjavík in Iceland.


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Nuussuaq destrict o Nuuk wi the Sermitsiaq moontain in the backgrund
Banner o Nuuk
Coat of airms o Nuuk
Coat airms
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Coordinates: 64°10′30″N 51°44′20″W / 64.17500°N 51.73889°W / 64.17500; -51.73889Coordinates: 64°10′30″N 51°44′20″W / 64.17500°N 51.73889°W / 64.17500; -51.73889
State Denmark
Constituent kintra Greenland
MunicipalitySermersooq-coat-of-arms.png Sermersooq
Founded29 August 1728
 • MayorAsii Chemnitz Narup (Inuit Ataqatigiit)
 • Ceety690 km2 (265 sq mi)
5 m (16 ft)
 • Ceety17,316[1] (Lairgest in Greenland)
 • Metro
18,040 (includin Qeqertarsuatsiaat an Kapisillit)
 Ceety an metropolitan population is co-extensive, the entire Metro aurie belangs tae Nuuk Ceety
Time zoneUTC−03:00 (Wastren Greenland Staundart)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−02:00 (Wastren Greenland Daylicht)
Postal code

Nuuk is the seat o govrenment for the Sermersooq municipality. It haes a population o 15,469 (as o Januar 2010),[2] makkin it ane o the smawest caipital ceeties in the warld bi population.

Twin towns and sister citiesEedit


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