Nablus (Arabic: نابلسNāblus [næːblʊs] ( listen), Hebrew: שכם‎‎ Šəḵem, Biblical Shechem ISO 259-3 Škem) is a Palestinian ceety in the northren Wast Bank, approximately 63 kilometer (39 mi) north o Jerusalem, wi a population o 126,132.[2] Locatit in a strategic poseetion atween Munt Ebal an Munt Gerizim, it is the caipital o the Nablus Govrenorate an a Palestinian commercial an cultural center.

Ither transcription(s)
 • Arabicنابلس
 • An aa spelledNabulus (official)
Nablus, June 2014
Nablus, June 2014
Official logo of Nablus
Municipal Seal o Nablus
Nablus is located in the Palestinian territories
Location o Nablus within the Palestinian territories
Coordinates: 32°13′13″N 35°16′44″E / 32.22028°N 35.27889°E / 32.22028; 35.27889Coordinates: 32°13′13″N 35°16′44″E / 32.22028°N 35.27889°E / 32.22028; 35.27889
Palestine grid174/180
Foondit72 CE
 • TeepCeety (from 1995)
 • Heid o MunicipalityGhassan Shakaa[1]
 • Jurisdiction28.6 km2 (11.0 sq mi)
 • Jurisdiction214,903

Internaitional relations eedit

Twin touns an sister ceeties eedit

Nablus is twinned, or haes sister ceety relationships wi:[3]

References eedit

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