Dundee (Scots Gaelic: Dùn Dèagh) is Scotland's fowert-mukkilest ceitie, on the nor'eist coast. The Ceitie o Dundee is ane o the 32 cooncil auries. Dundee ligs on the River Tay. It haes a population o aboot 150,000 fowk. It ligs on the basaut plug o a slokken volcano cried the Dundee Law.

Dundee frae ower the Tay Brig.

Dundee an the surroondin airts haes been woned frae the Airn Age. The port o Dundee uisst til export oo frae Angus. Eftir that, Dundee begoud ti mak juit. Duirin this tym, Jeely wis bein made in Dundee, alang wi the local furthsetters DC Thomson, wha mak the local wittinsblad The Courier an bairns' comics sik as The Beano an The Dandy. Dundee's tradeitional industries wis cried the 3 J's: Juit, Jeely an Jurnalism. Oot o the thrie, anerlie ane o the industries byds in Dundee. The furtsetters yit byds in Dundee the-day.

Dundee is whyls cried "The Ceitie o Diskiverie", eftir the ship that tuik Captain Scott til the Antartic. The ship, cried the RRS Discovery, wis desyn'd an biggit in Dundee. The ship is nou stelt in the ceitie, an bruikit as a tourist attraction.



The name Dundee is o unsikkar springheid. It includes the steid-name elements dùn, fund in baith the Gaelic an Brythonic leids, sik as the Pecht leid. The lave o the name is less sikkar. It micht cud cum frae the Gaelic wird Dèagh, meinin fire. Anither is that it cums frae "Tay", an in the furm o "Duntay".

Aerlie historieEedit

A neolithic cursus, wi associated barraes haes been identifee'd at the north-wastren end o the ceitie an naurby ligs the Balgarthno stane ring. A want o stratigrafie aboot the stane ring haes left it difficult for ti determin a preceiss eild, but it is thocht ti date frae aboot the late neolithic/aerlie Bronze Age. The ring haes been subjek ti vandalism in the past an haes recentlie been fenced aff for ti hain it. Bronze Age finnds ar fairlie abundant in Dundee an the surroondin aurie, parteicular in the furm o cuttie kist beirials. Frae the Airn Age, aiblins the maist merkit remains ar o the Law Hill Fort, awtho domestic remains ar weil representit anaw. Naur ti Dundee can be foond the souterrains at Carlungie an Ardestie, that date frae aboot the seicont yeirhunder AD. Seivral brochs ar foond in the aurie anaw, includin the ruins at Laws Hill naur ti Monifieth, at Craighill an at Hurley Hawkin, naur Liff.

The toun wis an aw the location o ane o the worst rail disasters in Breetish history, the Tay Brig disaster. The first Tay Rail Brig wis appent in 1878. It collapsed some 18 month later in a storm, as a passenger train passed ower it, resultin in the loss o 75 lifes.[1] The maist destructive fire in the ceety's history cam in 1906, reportitly sendin "rivers o birnin whisky" throu the street.



Dundee has twa kenspekil fitbaa clubs: Dundee F.C. an Dundee Unitit F.C. Dundee High School Former Pupils RFC speil in Scotland's naitional rugby leag. The ceitie haes an ice hockey team anaw, Dundee Stars. Thay speil in the naitional Elite Ice Hockey Leag.



Dundee is a "varsitie toun" an haes a student population o aboot 17,000.

The Varsitie o Dundee wis makkit independent in 1967, eftir 70 yeirs o bein pairt o the Varsitie o Saunt Andras. Its a richt kenspeckil centur for teachin an research.

Abertay Varsity wis makkit a varsitie in 1994.


Thar's 37 primarie schuils an 9 seicondar schuils in the ceitie.

Dundee is hame til ane independent schuil, the Heich Schuil o Dundee.

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Coordinates: 56°27′50″N 2°58′12″W / 56.464°N 2.970°W / 56.464; -2.970

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