Orkney is ane o 32 cooncil areas in Scotland. Orkney is made up o 70 ilands 16 km north o Caithness in northren Scotland. The maist mukkil iland is caad the Mainland; juist 20 is populatit.

Gaelic nameArcaibh
Norse nameOrkneyjar
Meanin o name"Ork" possibly oreeginally frae a Pictish tribal name meanin ‘young pig’.[1]
Orkney is located in Scotland
Orkney shawn within Scotland
Coordinates59°0′N 3°2′W / 59.000°N 3.033°W / 59.000; -3.033Coordinates: 59°0′N 3°2′W / 59.000°N 3.033°W / 59.000; -3.033
Physical geography
Island groupNorthren Isles
Aurie990 km2 (380 sq mi)
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Cooncil aurieOrkney Islands Cooncil
Population22,100 (2017)
Population density52 per square mile (20/km2)
Lairgest settlementKirkwa

Orkney's heidtoun is Kirkwaa on the Mainland, hame ti St Magnus' Cathedral, wi aboot 6,000 fowk an a mukkil port. The anerlie ither burgh is Strumnis at the wast end o the Mainland, wi 2,000 fowk bydin thar. The thrid maist mukkil sattilment is The Hop on Sooth Ronaldsay.



The maist mukkil iland in Orkney is kent as the Mainland. Aa the ither ilands can be clessifee'd as north o sooth o the Mainland. The ilands north o the Mainland is kent as the North Isles, wi thaim til the sooth kent as the Sooth Isles. Sule Skerry an Sule Stack is 60 km wast o the ither Orkneys, but is pairt o the cooncil area.

The North Isles


The Sooth Isles


Maist o the ilands caad holms is gey smaa.



Frequent ferrie services operates on the follaein routes:

Maist o the mukkil ilands haes thair ain airfeild or airstrip. Loganair operates raigular servises ti sax ilands fae Kirkwaa. Thir include the cuttiest skeduled air serviss in the warld, atwein the ilands o Westray an Papa Westray. The flicht taks twa meinits' but can tak less nor a meinit gin the wind is blawin in the richt airt.

The aulder Norn wis replacit bi the Scots leid that itsel is bein replacit bi Scottish Inglis.

Orcadian fowk


Sum weil-kent Orcadians:


  1. Waugh, Doreen J. "Orkney Place-names" in Omand (2003) p. 116.

Fremmit airtins


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