Northren Isles

The Northren Isles is a cheen o islands aff the north coast o mainlaund Scotland.

Cairt o the islands, the islands are on the north o scotland

The group is makkit up o Shetland, Fair Isle an Orkney. Whiles Stroma is includit, awtho it is technically pairt o Caithness, no Orkney.

Cultur an politicsEedit

The Northren Isles is for ordinar sindert for poleetical ettles, but thay come unner the Orkney an Shetland constituency for Wastminster.

Endue tae thair history, the islands haes a Norse, raither nor a Scots Gaelic flavour, an haes historic connections wi the Faroes an Iceland, Denmark an Norrowey.

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Coordinates: 59°50′N 2°00′W / 59.833°N 2.000°W / 59.833; -2.000