Nablus Govrenorate

The Nablus Governorate (Arabic: محافظة نابلس‎) is an admeenistrative destrict o the Palestinian Naitional Authority locatit in the Central Hielands o the Wast Bank, 53 km north o Jerusalem. It covers the aurie aroond the ceety o Nablus which serves as the muhfaza (seat) o the govrenorate. It is govrened bi Mahmoud Aloul.



The anerlie ceety in the govrenorate is Nablus.


The follaein localities hae populations ower 4,000 an municipal cooncils o 11-15 members.

Veelage cooncilsEedit

The follaein localities hae populations abuin 1,000 an veelage cooncils o 3 tae 9 members.

Refugee campsEedit

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Coordinates: 32°14′26″N 35°17′13.50″E / 32.24056°N 35.2870833°E / 32.24056; 35.2870833