Kuwait Ceety

Kuwait Ceety (Arabic: مدينة الكويت, transliteration: Madīnat al-Kuwayt), is the caipital o Kuwait. It haes 2.38 million in the metropolitan aurie. Locatit at the hert o the kintra on the shore o the Persian Gulf, an containin Kuwait's parliament (Majlis Al-Umma), maist governmental offices, the heidquarters o maist Kuwaiti corporations an banks, it is the undisputable politeecal, cultural an economic centre o the emirate.

Kuwait Ceety

مدينة الكويت

Madinat Al Kuwayt
Skyline o Kuwait Ceety
Skyline o Kuwait Ceety
Kuwait Ceety is located in Kuwait
Kuwait Ceety
Kuwait Ceety
Location o Kuwait in Kuwait
Coordinates: 29°22′11″N 47°58′42″E / 29.36972°N 47.97833°E / 29.36972; 47.97833
KintraKuwait Kuwait
GovrenorateAl Asimah
 • Metro
200 km2 (80 sq mi)
 (2005 estimate)
 • City151,060 (2,008)
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Kuwait Ceety’s tred an transportation needs are served bi Kuwait Internaitional Airport, Mina Al-Shuwaik (Shuwaik Port) an Mina al-Ahmadi (Ahmadi Port) 50 kilometers tae the sooth, on the Persian Gulf coast.

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Kuwait Ceety is twinned wi:


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