Destricts o Sirie

The 14 govrenorates, or muhafazat (sing. muhafazah), o Sirie are dividit intae saxty-fower destricts, or manatiq (sing. mintaqah), includin the ceety o Damascus. The destricts are further dividit intae 206 subdistricts, or nawahi (sing. nahiya).[1] The destrict bears the same name as the destrict caipital.

Destricts an subdestricts are admeenistered bi offeecials appointit bi the govrenor, subject tae the appruival o the meenister o the interior. These offeecials wirk wi electit destrict cooncils tae attend tae assortit local needs an serve as intermediaries atween central govrenment authority an traditional local leaders, such as veelage chiefs, clan leaders, an cooncils o elders.

The destricts (ither than Damascus) are leetit belaw, bi govrenorate (wi caipital destricts in bold text). The Ceety o Damascus is a separate govrenorate but is includit belaw wi the surroondin Rif Dimashq Govrenorate. Note that pairts that uised tae be unner the Quneitra govrenorate are unner Israeli control syne 1967 (see Golan Hichts).

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Destricts o Sirie

Al-Hasakah Govrenorate Eedit

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Latakia Govrenorate Eedit

Quneitra Govrenorate Eedit

Rif Dimashq Govrenorate Eedit

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