Munt Simeon Destrict

Munt Simeon (Arabic: منطقة جبل سمعان‎ / ALA-LC: manṭiqat Jabal Sem‘ān), kent in Arabic as Jabal Sem`an, is a destrict (mantiqa) o the Aleppo Govrenorate in Sirie. At the 2004 offeecical census, the destrict haed a population o 2,412,072. The centre o the destrict is the ceety o Aleppo.[1]

Till December 2008, the sub-destrict o Atāreb wis pairt o the Munt Simeon destrict afore being incorporatit intae a destrict.[2]


The destrict o Munt Simeon is dividit intae six sub-districts or Nāḥiyas (population accordin tae 2004 offeecial census):

  • Markaz Jabal Sem`an nahiyah (Aleppo ceety an its suburbs) (ناحية مركز جبل سمعان): population 2,181,061.[3]
  • Huraytan nahiyah (ناحية حريتان): population 67,745.[4]
  • Az-Zirbeh nahiyah (ناحية الزربة): population 55,391.[5]
  • Darat Izza nahiyah (ناحية دارة عزة): population 39,540.[6]
  • Hader nahiyah (ناحية الحاضر): population 20,834.[7]
  • Tell al-Daman nahiyah (ناحية تل الضمان): population 47,501.[8]

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