A govrenorate is an admeenistrative diveesion o a kintra. It is heidit bi a govrenor. As Inglis-speakin naitions tend tae caw regions administered bi govrenors aither states, provinces, or colonies, the term govrenorate is aften uised in translation frae non-Inglis-speakin administrations.

The maist common uisage is as a translation o the Arabic Muhafazah rarely Wilayah. It mey an aa refer tae the guberniya an general-gubernatorstvo o Imperial Roushie or the 34 gobernaciones o Imperial Spain.

Arab kintras eedit

The term govrenorate is widely uised in Arab kintras tae describe an administrative unit. Some govrenorates combine mair nor ane wilayah; ithers closely follae traditional boondaries inheritit frae the Ottoman Empire's vilayet seestem.

Wi the exception o Tunisie, aw translations intae the term govrenorate oreeginate in the Arabic wird muhafazah.

Roushie Empire eedit

Congress Kinrick o Poland eedit

Grand Duchy o Finland eedit

Spaingie Empire eedit

In the Spaingie Empire, the gobernaciones ("govrenorships" or "govrenorates") wur an administrative diveesion, roughly analogous tae a province directly beneath the level o the audiencia or caiptaincy general, an the viceroy in auries directly unner the viceroy's admeenistration. The pouers an duties o a govrenor wur identical tae a corregidor but a govrenor managed a lairger or mair prosperous aurie than the umwhile.

Italian Empire eedit

Germany eedit

In the day's German states o Baden-Württemberg, Bavarie, Hesse, an North Rhine-Westphalie thare are - an earlier in mony mair German states thare wur - sub-state admeenistrative regions cried in German: Regierungsbezirk, which is whiles translatit intae Inglis as govrenorate.

Durin the time o the Third Reich, a "General Govrenment for the Occupied Polis Auries" (German: Generalgouvernement für die besetzten polnischen Gebiete) existit. The German (based on a traditional Proushyan term) is whiles translatit as General Govrenorate.

Romanie eedit

Durin Warld War II, Romanie admeenistrated three govrenorates: Bessarabie Govrenorate, Bukovina Govrenorate an Transnistrie Govrenorate.

Vatican Ceety eedit

Unner the Fundamental Law for the Vatican Ceety State, the pape's executive authority for the Vatican Ceety is exercised bi the Governorate for the Vatican Ceety State. The Preses o the Vatican Ceety's legislative body is ex officio the Preses o the Govrenorate. The ither key officers o the Govrenorate are the General Secretary an the Vice General Secretary. Aw three officers are appointit bi the pape for five-year terms.[1]

References eedit

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