Banner o the Arab Revolt

The Banner o the Arab Revolt wis a banner uised bi Arab naitionalists durin the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire in World War I.

FIAV 110110.svg Flag ratio: 1:2
The banner o the Arab revolt- Aqaba 2006


The banner wis designed bi the Breetish diplomat Sir Mark Sykes, in an effort tae create a feelin o "Arab-ness" in order tae fuel the revolt.[1] Although the Arab Revolt wis anerlie vera limited in scope an concertit bi the Breetish rather than bi Arabs thairsels, the banner influenced the naitional banners o a number o emergin Arab states efter Warld War I. Banners inspired bi that o the Arab revolt include those o Egyp, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan, Sirie, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, the Palestine, Somaliland, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic an Libie.

The horizontal colors staund for the Abbasid, Umayyad an Fatimid Caliphate]. The red triangle refers tae the Hashemite dynasty.

The Hashemites wur allees o the Breetish in the conflict against the Ottoman Empire. Efter the war endit, the Hashemites achievit or wur grantit rule in the Hejaz region o Arabie, Jordan, formally kent as the Hashemite Kinrick o Jordan, briefly in Greater Sirie, an Iraq.

Greater Sirie wis dissolved efter anerlie a few months existence, in 1920. The Hashemites wur owerthrown in the Hejaz in 1925 bi the Hoose o Saud, an in Iraq in 1958 bi a coup d'etat, but retained pouer in Jordan.

A 98.5 by 197 fuit version o the banner flies frae the Aqaba Flagpole, currently the seicont tawest freestaundin flagpole in the warld, locatit in Aqaba, Jordan.


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