Banner o Jordan

The banner o Jordan, offeecially adoptit on 16 Aprile 1928, is based on the banner o the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire durin Warld War I. The banner is black, white an green stripes that are aw connectit bi a reid triangle. The colors staund for the Abbasid, Umayyad an Fatimid Caliphates. The reid triangle is for the Hashemite dynasty an the Arab Revolt.

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The seiven-pointit starn staunds for the seiven verses o the first surah in the Qur'an, an an' a' staunds for the unity o the Arab fowks. Some believe it an aa refers tae the seiven hills on which Amman, the caipital, wis biggit.

The colors o the Jordanian banner are those o the Pan-Arab banner. Thay wur first uised in 1917 tae represent "pan-Arabianism", which sought unthirldom frae the Ottoman Empire.


The Jordan banner features three horizontal baunds. The three colors uised in the banner are black, white an green respectively. The colour black staunds for Abbasid Caliphate o Islam, white staunds for the Umayyad Caliphate o Islam an the colour green staunds for Fatimid Caliphate o Islam.

Aw these three baunds in the banner o Jordan are connectit tae a reid-colored seemmetrical triangle representin the Great Arab Revolt in 1916. The triangle an aa represents the Hashemite dynasty.

A white star wi seiven pynts is featurt on the hoist side o the reid triangle. The seiven pynts seembolise the seiven verses o Islamic belief, which is mentioned at the beginnin o Qur’an. The seiven pynts represent faith in ane God, humanity, humility, naitional spirit, virtue, social juistice an aspiration. The starn an aa staunds for the unity o the Arab fowk.

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