Banner o Palestine

Template:Palestinians The Palestinian banner (Arabic: علم فلسطين‎) is based on the Banner o the Arab Revolt, an is uised tae represent the Palestinian fowk (syne 1964[1]), an the Palestinian Authority.

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The banner is constitutit o three equal horizontal baunds (black, white, an green frae tap tae bottom) owerlaid bi a reid chevron issuin frae the hoist. (See Pan-Arab colors.) The banner is amaist identical tae that o the Ba'ath Pairty, an vera seemilar tae the banners o Jordan, an Wastren Sahara, aw o which draw thair inspiration frae the Arab Revolt against Ottoman rule (1916–1918). The banner o the Arab Revolt haed the same graphic form, but the colours wur arranged differently (white on the bottom rather than in the middle).


  1. Flags of the World: Palestine
    Quote: "Flag Adopted: between 1964 and 1974."