Banner o the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

The banner o the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is a combination o the Pan-Arab colors an seembols relatit tae Islam. The banner wis oreeginally adoptit on 27 Februar 1976 an wis slichtly modified in Juin 1991.

Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.svg


The Spainyie actress Verónica Forqué waves the SADR flag.

The flag, oreeginally uised bi the Polisario Front, consists o the colours black, green, white an reid. The oweraw design o the flag is seemilar tae that o Palestine, but this wis no intentional. This flag, amang mony ithers, wis derived frae the colours uised in the Arab Revolt. The star an crescent ar major seembols o Islam an can be seen on flags o ither Islamic kintras, such as Pakistan.

Future chyngesEedit

When the kintra gain unthirldom bi means o a referendum an is interniationally recognised, the green will go on tap an the black will go tae the bottom.

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