The banner o Egyp (Egyptian Arabic: علم مصر‎) is a tricolour consistin o the three equal horizontal reid, white, an black baunds o the Arab Liberation banner datin back tae the Egyptian Revolution o 1952. The banner bears Egyp's naitional emblem, the Eagle o Saladin centered in the white baund. The banner's current form wis adoptit on October 4, 1984.

Presidential Staundart

Seembolism eedit

The Free Officers who toppled Keeng Farouk in the Revolution o 1952 assigned specific seembolism tae each o the three bands o the Arab Liberation banner. The reid baund seembolises the period afore the Revolution, a time characterized bi the struggle against the monarchy, an the Breetish occupation o the kintra. The white baund seembolizes the bloodless naitur o the Revolution itself. The black baund seembolises the end o the oppression o the Egyptian fowk at the haunds o the monarchy, an foreign imperialism.

Egyp's uise o the Arab Liberation banner inspired its adoption bi a nummer o ither Arab states. The same horizontal tricolour is uised bi Iraq, Sirie, an Yemen (an umwhile Libie), the ae difference bein the presence (or absence) o distinguishin naitional emblems in the white baund.