Unitit States Marine Corps

The Unitit States Marine Corps (USMC) is a branch o the Unitit States Airmed Forces responsible for providin pouer projection frae the sea,[9] uisin the mobility o the Unitit States Navy tae rapidly deliver combined-arms task forces. It is ane o seiven uniformed services o the Unitit States. Creatit in 1775, the Marine Corps haes been a component o the Unitit States Depairtment o the Navy syne 1834,[10][11] eften wirkin closely witnaval forces for trainin, transportation, an logistics.[12]

Unitit States Marine Corps
Active10 November 1775 – present
(248 years, 6 months)
Kintra Unitit States o Americae
AllegianceUnitit States Constitution
TeepMarine combined arms
RoleAmphibious an expeditionary warfare
Size195,000 active (as o Februar 2013)[2]
40,000 reserve (as o 2010)[3]
Pairt oDepairtment o the Navy
(syne 1834)
HeidquartersThe Pentagon, Virginie, U.S.
Motto(s)Semper Fidelis
ColoursScarlet, Gowd[4]         
Mairch"Semper Fidelis" Aboot this soondPlay 
"The Marine's Hymn"
Mascot(s)Inglis Bulldug[5][6]
EngagementsAmerican Revolutionary War
First an Seicont Barbary Wars
War o 1812
Seminole Wars
Seicont Seminole War
First Sumatran expedition
Seicont Sumatran expedeetion
Mexican–American War
American Ceevil War
Spaingie–American War
Philippine–American War
Boxer Rebellion
Banana Wars
Warld War I
Warld War II
Korean War
1958 Lebanon crisis
Vietnam War
Iranian Hostage Rescue
Multinational Force in Lebanon
1983 Beirut barracks bombin
Invasion o Grenada
1986 bombin o Libya
Invasion o Panama
Persian Gulf War
Somali Ceevil War
Bosnian War
1998 bombin o Iraq
Kosovo War
War in Afghanistan
Iraq War
Operation Odyssey Dawn

Presidential Unit Citation

Joint Meritorious Unit Awaird

Navy Unit Commendation

Valorous Unit Award

Meritorious Unit Commendation

French Croix de Guerre 1914-1918

Philippine Presidential Unit Citation

Korean Presidential Unit Citation

Vietnam Gallantry Cross

Vietnam Ceevil Actions Medal
Commander-in-ChiefDonald Trump
Secretar o DefenceThe Honorable James Mattis[7]
Secretar o the NavyThe Honourable Ray Mabus
Commandant o the Marine CorpsGen Robert Neller
Assistant Commandant o the Marine CorpsGen. Glenn M. Walters
Sergeant Major o the Marine CorpsSMMC[8] Ronald L. Green
Eagle, Globe, an Anchor
Unitit States Marine Corps flag

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