The War o 1812 wis a militar conflict that lastit frae Juin 18, 1812, tae Februar 18, 1815, focht atween the Unitit States o Americae an the Unitit Kinrick, its North American colonies, an its North American Indian allies.

War o 1812

Clockwise frae tap: damage tae the U.S. Capitol efter the Burnin o Washington; the mortally woondit Isaac Brock spurs on the York Volunteers at the battle o Queenston Heights; USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere; The daith o Tecumseh in 1813 ends the Indian airmed struggle in the American Midwest; Andrew Jackson defeats the Breetish assault on New Orleans.
DateJuin 18, 1812 – Februar 18, 1815
(2 years and 8 months)
LocationEastren an Central North Americae, Atlantic an Paceefic Oceans

Stalemate/Disputit victory

  • Status quo ante bellum wi no boondary changes
  • American invasions repulsed
  • Breetish invasions repulsed
  • Militar stalemate
  • Defeat o Tecumseh's Confederacy

U.S. and Allies

Breetish Empire an Allies

Commanders an leaders

United States James Madison

Unitit Kinrick George, Prince Regent
Unitit Kinrick Laird Liverpuil


United States Unitit States

Unitit Kinrick Breetish Empire

Casualties an losses

2,200 killed in action

  • 4,505 woondit
  • 15,000 (est.) died frae aw causes[a]

1,160 killed in action[4]

  • 3,679 woondit
  • 3,321 died frae disease

      *  Some militias operatit in anly thair ain regions.

  Killed in action
 ‡ A locally raised coastal pertection an seminaval force on the Great Lochs.


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