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Toluca, offeecially cried Toluca de Lerdo, is the state caipital o the State o Mexico as well as the seat o the Municipality o Toluca. It is the centre o a rapidly growin urban aurie, nou the fift lairgest in Mexico. It is locatit 63 kilometre (39 mi) wast-soothwast o Mexico Ceety an anerlie aboot 40 minutes bi caur tae the wastren edge o the Distrito Federal. Accordin tae the 2005 census, the ceety o Toluca haes a population o 467,713, wi 747,512 as the tot municipal population. The ceety is the aicht lairgest in Mexico in population. The municipality o Toluca, alang wi twal ither municipalities, mak up the metropolitan population o 1,610,786 in Greater Toluca as o 2005,[2] makkin it the fift maist populous metropolitan aurie in Mexico.



Toluca de Lerdo
Banner o Toluca
Offeecial seal o Toluca
Toluca "The bonnie ane"
Mexico map, MX-MEX.svg
StateState o Mexico
Foondit19 Mey 1522
 • Municipal PresesMartha Hilda González Calderón (2012-2015)
2,667 m (8,750 ft)
 • Ceety819,561[1]
 • Metro
 • Demonym
Time zoneUTC−6 (CST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−5 (CDT)
Postal code
Aurie code(s)722


Burned Matlazinca remains o the ceety o Calixtlahuaca.

When Toluca wis foondit bi the Matlazincas, its oreeginal name wis Nepintahihui (laund o corn, tierra del maíz). The current name is based on the Náhuatl name for the aurie when it wis renamit bi the Aztecs in 1473. The name haes its oreegin in the wird tolocan that comes frae the name o the god, Tolo, plus the locative suffix, can, tae denote "place o Tolo".[3] It is referred tae in a nummer o Aztec codices as Tolutépetl an aw, meanin hill o the god, Tolo, an allusion tae the nearbi volcano.[4] The name Toluca de Lerdo wis adoptit in 1861 in honour o Preses Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada.[5]

Sister ceetiesEedit

Toluca is a pairt o the Sister Cities Internaitional program an maintains cultural an economic exchynge programs wi:


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