The Aztec /ˈæztɛk/[1] fowk war certain ethnic groups o central Mexico, pairteecularly those groups who spoke the Nahuatl leid an who dominatit muckle pairts o Mesoamericae frae the 14t tae 16t centuries. The Nahuatl wirds aztecatl [asˈtekat͡ɬ] (singular)[2] an aztecah [asˈtekaʔ] (plural)[2] mean "fowk frae Aztlan",[3] a meethological place for the Nahuatl-speakin cultur o the time, an later adoptit as the wird tae define the Mexica fowk. Eften the term "Aztec" refers exclusively tae the Mexica fowk o Tenochtitlan (nou the location o Mexico Ceety), situatit on an island in Loch Texcoco, who referred tae themsels as Mēxihcah Tenochcah [meːˈʃiʔkaʔ teˈnot͡ʃkaʔ] or Cōlhuah Mexihcah [ˈkoːlwaʔ meːˈʃiʔkaʔ].

The Aztec Pyramid at St. Cecilia Acatitlan, State o Mexico


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