St Andra's Day

(Reguidit frae St. Andra's Day)

St Andra's Day is the feast day o Saunt Andra an is celebrate on 30t November ilka yeir.[1]

Saunt Andra

Saunt Andra is the patron saunt o Scotland an St Andra's Day (Scots Gaelic: Là Naomh Aindrea) is Scotland's offeicial naitional day. In 2006, the Scots Pairlament waled ti mak the day a Bank Haliday.[2] Syn 2002, St Andra's Day haes been Scotland's offeicial banner day anaw, meinin that the Saltire Banner wul flee frae aw Scots Govrenment biggins wi a bannerpaul. Houme'er, Unitit Kinrick Govrenment biggins in Scotland wul flee the Union Banner, an anerlie flee the Saltire Banner gin thar is mair nor the ae bannerpul.[3][4]

In ithir kintras[5]


In Germany, the feast day is celebrate as Andreasnacht ("St Andra's Nicht"), in Austrik wi the custom ofAndreasgebet ("St Andra's Prayer"), an in Poland as Andrzejki ("Andra's"). In pairts o thir kintras–alangsyd the Czechie, Slovakie an Romanie–the nicht afore St Andra's Day is seen as bein guid for lassies prattikin weirderie for ti finnd oot wha wul be thair guidman. Ae haunt is for the lassie ti horse a widden shae ower hir shouder. Gin it launds pyntin towarts the dure, it meins she wul be waddit that yeir. Ither lassies wul pour meltit leid intil a bowl o wattir - the thinkin bein that the leid wul furm intil a shape connectit ti hir futur guidman's perfaision.

In sum pairts o the Czechie an Slovakie, yung lassies wad write doun the names o potential guidmen on wee bits o paper an stik thir inti wee bits o daich, cried Halusky. Whan kuikit, the first ane ti flotter til the surfass o the wattir wad kyth the name o thair futur guidman.

St Andra is the naitional saunt o Romanians an the Romanian Orthodox Kirk anaw.[6] In Romanie, it is the haunt for yung lassies ti pit 41 pikkils o wheat anaith thair pilla afore thay gang ti sleep, an gin thay dreim that oniebodie is cumin ti theif thair pikkils that meins that thay ar gaun ti git waddit neist yeir. In sum ither pairts o the kintra the lassies licht a caunil frae the Pace an bring it, at midnicht, til a funtin. Thay frain St Andra ti lat thaim glisk thair futur guidman.

St Andra's Day is celebrate as the naitional day o Unthirldom in Barbados. As the patron saunt o Barbados, St Andra is celebrate in a nummer o Barbadian simbols sik as the cross on the Coat o Airms, an the state's naitional honors seistim that styls fowk as Knichts or Dames o St Andra.


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