Soothren Destrict (Israel)

The Soothren Destrict (Ebreu: מחוז הדרום‎‎, Mehoz HaDarom) is ane o Israel's sax administrative destricts, an is the lairgest in terms o land aurie as well as the maist spairsely populatit. It covers maist of the Negev desert, as well as the Arabah valley. The population o the Soothren Destrict is 1,002,400. It is 86% Jewish an 14% Arab (maistly Muslim). The destrict caipital is Beersheba, whilst the lairgest ceety is Ashdod. Beersheba's dormitory touns o Omer, Meitar, an Lehavim are aw relatively affluent, whilst the development touns (includin Sderot, Netivot, an Ofakim) an the seiven Bedouin ceeties are lawer on the socio-economic scale.[1]

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Coordinates: 30°40′N 34°50′E / 30.667°N 34.833°E / 30.667; 34.833