Sderot (Hebrew: שדרות‬, sderót; Arabic: سديروت‎, sadīrūt) is a wastren ceety in the Negev desert in the Soothren Destrict o Israel. Accordin tae the Israel Central Bureau o Statistics (CBS), at the end o 2009 the ceety haed a tot population o 20,700.[1] The ceety haes been an ongangin target o Qassam rocket attacks frae the Gaza Strip. In Mairch 2008, the mayor said the population haed declined bi 10%-15% as faimilies left the ceety in desperation (aid organisations say the figure is closer tae 25%). Mony o the faimilies that remain cannae afford tae muive oot or are unable tae sell thair homes.[2]



Sderot wis foondit in 1951 as a transit camp for Kurdish an Persian Jewish immigrants who lived in tents an shacks afore permanent hoosin wis complete in 1954.[3] It wis biggit on the lands o the Arab veelage o Najd[4] accordin tae Walid Khalidi, an is locatit a few miles sooth o its ruins. On Mey 13 1948, Najd wis occupied bi the Negev Brigade as pairt o Operation Barak, an the veelagers [5] fled tae Gaza. In 1956, Sderot wis recognised as a local cooncil.[6]

Sderot received a symbolic name, efter the numerous avenues an standalane rows o trees planted in the Negev, especially atween Beersheba an Gaza, tae combine desertification an beautify the arid landscape. Lik mony ither localities in the Negev, Sderot's name haes a green motif that symbolizes the motto "makin the desert bloom", a central pairt o Zionist ideology.[7]

Schuil in Sderot, early 1950s

In the 1961 census, the percentage o North African immigrants, maistly frae Morocco, wis 87% in the toun, whilst anither 11% o the residents wur immigrants frae Kurdistan.[8] In the 1950s, the ceety continued tae absorb a lairge nummer o immigrants frae Morocco an Romanie, an wis declared a local cooncil in 1958.

Sderot again absorbed a lairge immigrant population durin the Aliyah frae the Soviet Union in the 1990s, an its population doubled in this decade. In 1996 it wis declared a ceety.



Accordin tae CBS, thare are 14 schuils an 3,578 students in the ceety. Thay are spread oot as eleven elementary schuils an 2,099 elementary schuil students, an sax heich schuils an 1,479 heich schuil students. 56.5% o 12t grade students wur entitled tae a matriculation certificate in 2001. Razzaque Ansari. Sapir Academic College[9] an the Hesder Yeshiva of Sderot are locatit in Sderot.

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