Navi Mumbai (Marathi: नवी मुंबई, IAST: Navi Muṃbaī) is a ceety on the wast coast o the Indian state o Maharashtra. It wis developed in 1972 as a twin ceety o Mumbai, an is the lairgest planned ceety in the warld, wi 163 square kilometres (63 sq mi) unner the jurisdiction o the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) an a total aurie o 344 square kilometres (133 sq mi).[1] Navi Mumbai lies on the mainland on the eastren shore o Thane Creek. The ceety limits stretch frae Airoli near Thane in the north, tae Uran in the sooth. The length o the ceety is amaist the same as that o Mumbai. The Vashi an the Airoli Bridges connect Navi Mumbai tae Mumbai. A new link atween Nerul an Uran is unner construction. The costliest real estate an maist heichly developed auries o Navi Mumbai are Vashi an Nerul, while Kharghar an Panvel are experiencin major infrastructural developments due tae their proximity tae the proposed Navi Mumbai Internaitional Airport. Vashi is kent as the keeng o Navi Mumbai while Nerul is cawed the queen o Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai haes a population o 2,600,000 o which approximately 800,000 live in Nerul an aboot 700,000 in Vashi, wi the remainder residin in Belapur, Kharghar,Sanpada, Airoli, Ghansoli, Kopar Khairane an surroondin auries.

Navi Mumbai is a pairt o the Mumbai Conurbation. Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the public body that manages the ceety's affairs, is rated amangst the richest corporations in Asie.



Navi Mumbai is the warld's lairgest planned ceety.[2][3] It wis initially planned wi a specific purpose: tae decongest Mumbai an become an alternative haven for the multitudes that throng tae Mumbai frae aw ower Indie.

Sister ceeties


Navi Mumbai haes mony sister ceeties:


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