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Template:States o Mexico bi municipality Municipalities (municipios in Spaingie) are the seicont-level admeenistrative diveesion in Mexico (whaur the first-level admeenistrative diveesion is the estado, or state). Thare 2,438 municipalities in Mexico, makkin the average municipality population 45,616. The internal poleetical organisation an their responsibilities is ootlined in the 115t airticle o the 1917 Constitution[1] an forder waxit in the constitutions o the states they belang.

Rankin o municipalities


By population


Data frae the Conteo 2005 by INEGI.[2]

Rankin State Municipality Population
1 Mexico Ecatepec 1,688,258
2 Jalisco Guadalajara 1,600,940
3 Jalisco Zapopan 1,500,790
4 Puebla Puebla 1,482,645
5 Baja California Tijuana 1,410,687
6 Chihuahua Ciudad Juárez 1,313,338
7 Guanajuato León 1,278,087
8 Mexico Nezahualcóyotl 1,140,528
9 Nuevo León Monterrey 1,133,814
... ... ... ....
2,438 Oaxaca Santa Magdalena Jicotlán 102

Bi aurie


Data frae Los Municipios con Mayor y Menor Extensión Territorial by the Instituto Nacional Para el Federalismo y el Desarrollo Municipal[3]

Rankin State Municipality Aurie (km²)
1 Baja California Ensenada 51,952.26
2 Baja California Sur Mulegé 33,092.20
3 Coahuila Ocampo 26,433.60
4 Baja California Sur La Paz 20,275.00
5 Quintana Roo Othón P. Blanco 17,189.75
6 Chihuahua Ahumada 17,131.48
7 Baja California Sur Comondú 16,858.30
8 Chihuahua Camargo 16,066.01
... ... ... ....
2,438 Tlaxcala San Lorenzo Axocomanitla 4.34

Burghs o Mexico Ceety


Mexico Ceety is a special case in that it is no organisit as a municipality, but as a federal destrict as the caipital o the federation. It is admeenistered through the Govrenment o the Federal Destrict an it haes its ain unicameral Legislative Assembly. For admeenistrative purposes, the Federal Destrict is subdivided into delegaciones or burghs. Tho there nae fou equivalent tae a municipality, syne 2000, they hae a certain degree o poleetical autonomy, in that residents athin a burgh elect a local borough heid o govrenment (cried jefe delegacional) direct. Housomeivver, burghs dinnae form local [municipal] councils an they arnae constitute bi a group o trustees. They dinnae hae regulatory pouers, whilk is maistly centralisit in the Federal Destrict govrenment. The majority o the ceety's public services is organisit bi the Federal Destrict even gif part o the administration responsibilities is cairriet oot bi the burghs. In maugre o this, at the federal level, the delegaciones o the Federal Destrict is considered a seicont-level territorial diveesion in statistical data collection an cross-municipal comparisons.

Ither municipalities in Mexico hae chosen tae uise a seimilar admeenistrative internal organisation. Aw municipalities o Baja California are subdividit intae burghs or delegaciones. The Mexicali Municipal;ity for insaumple, is dividit intae 14 burghs besides the ceety o Mexicali whilk comprises the municipal seat an three addeetional metropolitan burghs. The municipality o Santiago de Querétaro, is subdividit intae seiven burghs. Nanetheless, the heids o govrenment o the burghs o Mexican municipalities arenae elect bi the residents but appoint bi the municipal preses. Unalike the burghs o Mexico Ceety, whilk is seicont-level admeenistrative diveesions, the burghs o the municipalities constitute third-level admeenistrative diveesions.


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