Ensenada Municipality

The municipality (Spaingie: municipio) o Ensenada, wi a land aurie o 52,482.40 km2 (20,263.57 sq mi), taks up the majority o the state o Baja California. It is the lairgest in Mexico bi aurie an the Americas. It contains aw o Baja California apairt frae a strip at the north an, at the northeast extremity o the state, the municipality o Mexicali. It is bordered bi the Paceefic Ocean on the wast, the Sea o Cortez on the east, an bi aw o the ither municipalities in Baja California on the north. Its municipal seat (Spaingie: cabecera municipal) is Ensenada 31°51′28″N 116°36′21″W / 31.85778°N 116.60583°W / 31.85778; -116.60583, which lees near the northwast corner o the municipality, awtho amaist aw o the municipality's territory lees far tae its sootheast. Its current (as o 2012) municipal preses (Spaingie: presidente municipal) is Pablo Alejo López Núñez o the PAN. A major port is planned tae be biggit in Punta Colonet, a lairgely uninhabitit aurie 80 km (50 mi) sooth o the ceety o Ensenada. Locatit affshore, Guadalupe Island is pairt o the municipality, makkin Ensenada the wastmaist municipality o Laitin Americae.

Ensenada Municipality

Municipio de Ensenada
Camp on the beach NW o Punta Colonet, Baja California.
Camp on the beach NW o Punta Colonet, Baja California.
Location o Ensenada in Baja California.
Location o Ensenada in Baja California.
StateBaja California
Municipal seatEnsenada
Lairgest ceetyEnsenada
Municipality establishedDecember 29, 1953[1]
 • Municipal presidentPablo Alejo Lopez (PAN)
 • Total52482.4 km2 (20,263.6 sq mi)
 • Total466,814
 • Density8.9/km2 (23/sq mi)
 Data source: INEGI 2010 Census
Time zoneUTC−8 (PST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−7 (PDT)
INEGI code001
Website(in Spaingie) Ayuntamiento de Ensenada
Source: Enciclopedia de los Municipios de México

In 2010 the municipality haed a population o 466,814 indwallers. The 2005 census recordit 413,481 indwallers.


Ensenada municipality is admeenistratively subdividit intae 26 burghs (Spaingie: delegaciones), o which Ensenada an Chapultepec form the ceety o Ensenada, the municipal seat:

  1. La Mision - Borough seat: La Misión
  2. El Porvenir
  3. Francisco Zarco (Guadalupe)
  4. Real del Castillo
  5. El Sauzal
  6. Ensenada - Burgh seat: Ensenada, municipal seat (Spaingie: cabecera municipal)
  7. San Antonio de las Minas
  8. Chapultepec
  9. Maneadero (wi subdelegación Esteban Cantú)
  10. Santo Tomás
  11. Erendira - Burgh seat: Eréndira
  12. San Vicente
  13. Ojos Negros
  14. Primo Tapia
  15. Valle de la Trinidad
  16. Punta Colonet - Burgh seat: Punta Colonet
  17. Camalu - Burgh seat: Camalú
  18. Vicente Guerrero
  19. San Quintin - Burgh seat: San Quintín
  20. El Rosario - Burgh seat: El Rosario
  21. Puerecitos - Burgh seat: Puertecitos
  22. El Marmol
  23. Punta Prieta - Burgh seat: Punta Prieta
  24. Bahía de los Angeles
  25. Calmallí (Villa Jesús María)
  26. Isla de Cedros

Major commontiesEedit

The 2010 census leets 1,709 populatit places (localidades) athin the municipality, but this includes solitary ranches an hooses wi a population o juist a few or even anerlie ane person. Thare wur 476 places that haed a population o 10 or mair, an 120 hae a population o 100 or mair. Thare wur an additional 1,216 unpopulatit localities enumeratit. The lairgest places are, wi population figurs as o 2010:[2]

Name 2010 Census Population
Ensenada 279,765
Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada (Maneadero) 22,957
Lázaro Cárdenas 16,294
Vicente Guerrero 11,455
El Sauzal de Rodríguez 8,832
Camalú 8,621
Benito García (El Zorrillo) 6,598
Emiliano Zapata 5,756
San Quintín 4,777
San Vicente 4,362
Colonia Lomas de San Ramón (Triquis) 3,805
Real del Castillo Nuevo (Ojos Negros) 3,533
Ejido Papalote 3,413
Lázaro Cárdenas (Valle de la Trinidad) 3,366
Ejido México (Punta Colonet) 3,278
Colonia Nueva Era 3,256
Rancho Verde 2,758
Francisco Zarco (Valle de Guadalupe) 2,664
Santa Fe 2,632
Tot Municipality 466,814

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