Laitin Americae

region o the Americaes

Laitin Americae is a region o the Warld.

Cairt o Laitin Americaen kintras (Hispanic, Portuguese, an French). Belize haes a muckle Spaingie-speakin community.

Laitin Americae's in the Americaes. No aabody grees on whit kintras is in Laitin Americae. Some fowk cry Sooth Americae, Central Americae, an Mexico Laitin Americae. Ither fowk crie the Caribbean Islands Laitin Americae an aw. Ither fowk cries aa Americaen kintras whaur fowk speaks Spaingie, Portuguese, an French Laitin Americae.[1]

The ward 'Laitin' comes fae the Laitin leid. The Spaingie, Portuguese, an French leids, spak bi mony fowk in Laitin Americae is Romance leids. Romance leids is derived fae Latin. Bit no aa fowk in Laitin Americae speaks Romance leids. Some Latin Americaen fowk speaks Native American leids an aa.

Maist Laitin Americaens is Roman Catholic.

Some fowk cries the kintras in the Americaes that's no pairt o Laitin Americae "Germanic America". In Germanic American kintras, maist fowk speaks Germanic leids: Inglis, Dutch, an Dens.

The first European tae find Laitin Americae wis Christopher Columbus, in 1492. Columbus wis wantin tae find a cuttie wey tae eastren Asie. Whan Christopher Columbus cam back tae Europe, fowk wis excitit aboot the discovery. The Pape drew the Line o Demarcation in 1493 acause he didna want Spain an Portugal tae fecht ower whit kintra haed the richt tae claim the new laund. Awthing on the wast side o the line wis gien tae Spain an awthing tae the east wis gien tae Portugal. The Spaingie invadit Mexico wi ease. The Native Americaens coudna fecht agin the Spaingie acause the Spaingie haed horse an guns. The Native Americaens in Mexico thocht that the Spaingie fowk wis gods. Lades o fowk dee'd acause o the diseases brocht bi the Spaingie an aw.


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