Ocampo Municipality, Coahuila

Ocampo is a ane o the 38 municipalities o Coahuila, in northeastren Mexico. The municipal seat lees at Ocampo. The municipality covers an aurie o 26,433 km² an is locatit on the internaitional border atween Mexico an the USA, here formit bi the Río Bravo del Norte (Rio Grande), adjacent ae the U.S. state o Texas.

Municipality o Ocampo in Coahuila
Municipality o Ocampo in Coahuila
Ocampo is located in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 27°18′50″N 102°23′50″W / 27.31389°N 102.39722°W / 27.31389; -102.39722
Kintra Mexico
Municipal seatOcampo
 • Total26433 km2 (10,206 sq mi)
 • Total10,991

As o 2010, the municipality haed a total population o 10,991.[1]

Touns an veelagesEedit

The lairgest localities (ceeties, touns, an veelages) are:

Name 2010 Census Population
Ocampo 3,679
Laguna del Rey (Químicas del Rey) 2,651
Chula Vista 1,671
San Miguel 259
La Rosita 257
Total Municipality 10,991

Adjacent municipalities an coontiesEedit


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