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Nuevo León

state o Mexico

Nuevo León (Spaingie pronunciation: [ˈnweβo leˈon], offeecially Estado Libre y Soberano de Nuevo León (Scots: Free an Sovereign State o New Leon) is ane o the 31 states which, wi the Federal Destrict, comprise the 32 Federal Entities o Mexico. It is dividit in 51 municipalities an its caipital ceety is Monterrey.

Nuevo León
Estado Libre y Soberano de Nuevo León
Banner o Nuevo León
Offeecial seal o Nuevo León
Motto(s): Semper Ascendens
(Always Ascending)
Anthem: Himno de Nuevo León
State o Nuevo León athin Mexico
State o Nuevo León athin Mexico
Coordinates: 25°34′00″N 99°58′14″W / 25.56667°N 99.97056°W / 25.56667; -99.97056
Kintra Mexico
Caipital Monterrey
Lairgest Ceety Monterrey
Municipalities 51
Admission July 5, 1824[1]
Order 15t
 • Govrenor Rodrigo Medina PRI
 • Senators[2] Fernando Elizondo PAN
Judith Díaz Delgado PAN
Eloy Cantú Segovia PRI
 • Deputies[3]
 • Total 64,220 km2 (24,800 sq mi)
  Ranked 13t
Heichest elevation[5] 3,710 m (12,170 ft)
Population (2010)[6]
 • Tot 4,653,458
 • Rank 8t
 • Density 72/km2 (190/sq mi)
 • Density rank 14t
Demonym(s) Nuevoleonés (a)
Neoleonés (a)
Time zone CST (UTC−6)
 • Simmer (DST) CDT (UTC−5)
Postal code 64-67
Aurie code
ISO 3166 code MX-NLE
HDI Increase 0.872 Very High Ranked 3rd
GDP US$ 132,655,000.00 mil[a]
Wabsteid Official Website
^ a. The state's GDP wis 666,898,103 million o pesos in 2008,[7] amoont correspondin tae 52,101,414.296 millon o dollars, being a dollar worth 12.80 pesos (value o Juin 3, 2010).[8]

It is locatit in Northeastren Mexico. It is bordered bi the states o Tamaulipas tae the north an east, San Luis Potosí tae the sooth, an Coahuila tae the wast. Tae the north, Nuevo León haes a 15 kilometer (9 mi) stretch o the U.S.-Mexico border adjacent tae the U.S. state o Texas.

The state wis namit efter the New Kinrick o León, an admeenistrative territory o the Viceroyalty o New Spain.

Besides its caipital, ither important ceeties are Guadalupe, Santa Catarina, San Nicolás de los Garza, an San Pedro Garza García, aw o which are pairt o the Monterrey metropolitan aurie.


Nuevo León is dividit intae 51 municipalities (municipios). See municipalities o Nuevo León.


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