Tamaulipas (Spaingie pronunciation: [tamauˈlipas]) offeecially Estado Libre y Soberano de Tamaulipas (Scots: Free an Sovereign State o Tamaulipas) is ane o the 31 states which, wi the Federal Destrict, comprise the 32 Federal Entities o Mexico. It is dividit in 43 municipalities an its caipital ceety is Ciudad Victoria. The caipital ceety wis namit efter Guadalupe Victoria, the first Preses o Mexico.


Estado Libre y Soberano de Tamaulipas
Banner o Tamaulipas
Official seal of Tamaulipas

Aunque Rústicos, Estas Armas Cuya Luz Ha Venido De Esta Cruz y Son De Linaje y Casa De Escandón
(Even Rustic, These Airms Whose Licht Haes Come Frae This Cross; An Are Lineage An Hoose O Escandon)
Anthem: Himno de Tamaulipas
State o Tamaulipas athin Mexico
State o Tamaulipas athin Mexico
Coordinates: 24°17′14″N 98°33′48″W / 24.28722°N 98.56333°W / 24.28722; -98.56333
CaipitalCiudad Victoria
Lairgest CeetyReynosa
Admission7 Februar 1824[1]
 • GovrenorEgidio Torre Cantú PRI
 • Senators[2]Julián Sacramento PAN
Nelly González PAN
Amira Gómez Tueme PRI
 • Deputies[3]
 • Total80175 km2 (30,956 sq mi)
 Ranked 6t
Highest elevation3280 m (10,760 ft)
 • Total3,268,554
 • Rank13t
 • Density41/km2 (110/sq mi)
 • Density rank21st
Demonym(s)Tamaulipeco (a)
Time zoneUTC−6 (CST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−5 (CDT)
Postal code
Aurie code
ISO 3166 codeMX-TAM
HDIIncrease 0.850 high Ranked 10th
GDPUS$ 20,789,236.56 th[a]
WebsiteOffeecial Wabsteid
^ a. The state's GDP wis $266,102,228 thoosan o pesos in 2008,[6] amount corresponding to $20,789,236.56 thoosan o dollars, being a dollar wirth 12.80 pesos (value o 3 Juin 2010).[7]

It is locatit in Northeastren Mexico. It is bordered bi the states o Veracruz tae the sootheast, San Luis Potosí tae the soothwast an Nuevo León tae the wast. Tae the north, it haes a 370 km (142.9 mi) stretch o the U.S.-Mexico border alang the state o Texas.[8]

The name Tamaulipas is derivit frae Tamaholipa, a Huastec term in which the tam- prefix signifies "place whaur." As yet, there is nae scholarly greement on the meanin o holipa, but "heich hills" is a common interpretation.[9]

In addition tae the caipital ceety, Ciudad Victoria, the state's lairgest ceeties include Reynosa, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, an Tampico.


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