Mount Lebanon Govrenorate

Mount Lebanon (Arabic: جبل لبنان‎; transliterated: Jabal Libnan) is ane o the Govrenorates o Lebanon. Its caipital is Baabda. The owerwhelming majority o its population is Maronites, Greek Orthodox, an Melkite Greek Catholic Christians. Housomeivver, there are an aa mony Muslims in the aurie, an there is the Druze community.


The govrenorate is dividit intae 6 destricts (Aqdya, singular – qadaa or Caza) which are:

Releegion in Mpunt Lebanon GovrenorateEedit

Christians makes the majority wi 67.32%; Druze makes the seicont maist wi 18.47%; Sunnis makes the third wi 7.33%; Shia are the last wi 6.88%.

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