Bsharri Destrict

Bsharri Destrict is ane o the 7 destricts (qadaa) o the North Govrenorate, Lebanon.

Bsharri Destrict
Location in Lebanon
Location in Lebanon
Kintra Lebanon
GovrenorateNorth Govrenorate
 • Total158 km2 (61 sq mi)
 • Total97,000
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)
 • Summer (DST)+3

Geography eedit

The Bsharri Destrict is a muntainous destrict. Maist o the 26 veelages composin it are at an elevation heicher than 1.000 meters. The destrict is bordered bi the Zgharta an Miniyeh-Danniyeh Destricts tae the north, the Koura Destrict tae the wast, the Baalbek Destrict tae the east an the Batroun Destrict tae the sooth.

This destrict is a groupin o 26 veelages. It haes an aw ane o the important landmarks o Eastren Christianity an Maronite history, the major pairt o the Kadisha Valley, the Qannoubin valley whaur Hermits hae residit syne aroond the year 600 C.E., the last being Father Antonios Torbey whose file in the Vatican is progressin toward beatification. He lived maist o his life in the auncient monastery o Saunt Elisha locatit in a grotto deep in the Qannoubin Valley. In this valley there is mair nor 26 monasteries aw mair nor 1000 year auld. At the top o this valley, sits the legendary cedar forest.

Population eedit

The population o the destrict wis estimatit tae be 76,831 bi the Meenistry o Social Affairs.[1] The caipital o the destrict is Bsharri. The Meenistry's estimate lacks credibility. Accordin tae the Daily Star, an Inglis leid Lebanese newspaper, a total o 40,000 fowk in the destrict votit in the 2005 elections. In addition the Meenistry o Social Affairs [2] estimates that 39% o the Lebanese population wis unner 20 years o age which meant they wur no eligible tae vote an a 60% participation rate. Considerin these factors the population mey be mair realistically estimatit at 100,000 fowk.

The Bsharri destrict is predominantly Maronite Catholic, frae here, 5 great priest wur canonized an declared Saunt, the maist prominent is Saunt Charbel frae Beqa'a Kafra, weel kent aw ower the warld for his mony miracles. Frae here an aw the philosopher Gibran Khalil Gibran stairtit his early life afore he emigratit tae Unitit States.

The Abi Saab an Kayrouz faimily haes residit in the Bsharri Destrict syne the 13t century, they wur "protectors" o the Maronite aurie, then govrenors o the aurie o Kouwaiteh an then the aurie o Jebbeh o Bsharri an Zghorta Archived 2012-02-06 at the Wayback Machine durin the period o the Directorates.

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