Zahlé Destrict

(Reguidit frae Zahle Destrict)

Zahlé Destrict (Arabic: قضاء زحلة‎) is an admeenistrative destrict in the Beqaa Govrenorate o the Republic o Lebanon. The fowk o Zahle destrict are amaist entirely Christian, it is the caipital o the Biqa region in Lebanon, wi a destrict population o aroond 500,000. Aboot hauf o the fowk are Maronites, 25 % catholic, an 25% Greek Orthodox. The surroondin veelages on the border wi Baalbek Destrict are mainly Muslim. Zahle is famous for its wine an vineyards which produces mony jobs in the province o the Beeqa. Zahle is kent for its clean air all year roond.

Location o Zahle Destrict in Lebanon

Zahle simmers can reach up tae 50 degrees in the simmer, winters are characterized bi hivy snaws.

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