Akkar (Arabic: عكار‎) is a destrict (Qadaa) in the North Govrenorate, Lebanon. It covers an aurie o 788 km2 (304 sq mi) an haes a population of 198,174. The caipital lees at Halba.

The destrict is characterized bi the presence o a relatively muckle coastal plain, wi heich muntains tae the east. Akkar haed been govrened durin the last 400 year bi the Emirs an the beiks o the Merheb faimily. Efter the ceevil war this wis nae langer the case as peasants teuk ower the land wi the aid o Sirie troops durin the ceevil war. The mucklest ceeties in Akkar are Halba, al-Bireh (previously cried "Biret el Hokem" whaur we fynd the Castle o Merheb Family), Kobayat (Quobayet).

Akkar haes mony important Roman an Arabic airchaeological steids. Ane o the maist famous airchaeological steids an the birth place o the Emperor Alexander Severus, is the Tell o Arqa near the toun o Miniara.



The inhabitants o the Akkar region are largely Sunni Muslims then Greek Orthodox Christians. Maronites inhabit the aurie in fairly muckle numbers, mairower, this region haes the mucklest population o Alawites in Lebanon. Melkites or Greek Catholics are an aw present in sma numbers in the region.



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