Massachusetts is the maist populous state in the New Ingland region o the northeastren Unitit States. It is mairchit bi the Atlantic Ocean tae the east, the states o Connecticut an Rhode Island tae the sooth, New Hampshire an Vermont tae the north, an New York tae the wast. The state is named efter the Massachusett tribe, that ance inhabitit the east side o the aurie, an is ane o the original thirteen states. The caipital o Massachusetts is Boston, that is an aw the maist populous ceety in New Ingland. Ower 80% o Massachusetts's population leeves in the Greater Boston metropolitan aurie, a region influential upon American history, academia, an industry.[33] Oreeginally dependent on agricultur, fishin an tred,[34] Massachusetts wis transformed intae a manufacturin centre in the Industrial Revolution.[35] In the 20t century, Massachusetts's economy shiftit frae manufacturin tae services.[36] Modren Massachusetts is a global leader in biotechnology, ingineerin, heicher eddication, finance, an maritime tred.[37]

KintraUnitit States
Afore stateheidProvince o Massachusetts Bay
Admittit tae the Union6 Februar 1788 (6t)
Lairgest metroGreater Boston
 • GovrenorCharlie Baker (R)
 • Lieutenant GovernorKaryn Polito (R)
LegislaturGeneral Court
 • Upper hooseSenate
 • Lawer hooseHoose o Representatives
U.S. senatorsElizabeth Warren (D)
Ed Markey (D)
U.S. Hoose delegation9 Democrats (leet)
 • Total6,794,422 (2,015 est) [1]
 • Density324/km2 (840/sq mi)
 • Median hooseaud income
$65401 (2008)
 • Income rank
 • Offeecial leidInglis[2]
Trad. abbreviationMass.
Latitude41° 14′ N tae 42° 53′ N
Longitude69° 56′ W tae 73° 30′ W
Massachusetts state seembols
Ainimal an Plant insignia
Bird(s)Black-cappit chickadee,[3] wild turkey[4][5]
InsectClock leddy[5][8]
Mammal(s)Richt whaul,[9] Morgan horse,[10] Tabby cat,[11] Boston Terrier[12]
ReptileGarter snake[5][13]
TreeAmerican elm[5][14]
Inanimate insignia
BeverageCranberry juice[5][15]
ColoursBlue, green, cranberry[5][16]
DanceSquare dance[5][17]
FuidCranberry,[18] corn muffin,[5][19] navy bean,[20] Boston cream pie,[21] chocolate chip cookie,[22] Boston cream doughnut[23]
FossilDinosaur Tracks[24]
Poem"Blue Hills of Massachusetts"[5][27]
RockRolling Rock[5][28]
ShellNew Ingland Neptune, Neptunea lyrata decemcostata[5][31]
Ship(s)Schooner Ernestina [5]
Slogan(s)Make It Yours,
The Spirit of America [29]
Sang(s)"All Hail tae Massachusetts"[5]
Route merker(s)
Massachusetts Route Merker
State Quarter
Quarter of Massachusetts
Released in 2000[32]
Leets o Unitit States state seembols

Plymouth wis the steid o the first colony in New Ingland, foondit in 1620 bi the Pilgrims, passengers o the Mayflower. In 1692, the toun o Salem an surroondin auries experienced ane o Americae's maist infamous cases o mass hysteria, the Salem witch trials.[38] In 1777, General Henry Knox foondit the Springfield Armory, that in the Industrial Revolution catalysed numerous important technological advances, includin interchyngeable pairts.[39] In 1786, Shays' Rebellion, a populist revolt led bi disaffectit American Revolutionary War veterans, influenced the Unitit States Constitutional Convention.[40] In the 18t century, the Protestant First Great Awakenin, that soopit the Atlantic World, oreeginatit frae the poupit o Northampton preacher Jonathan Edwards.[41] In the late 18t century, Boston becam kent as the "Cradle of Leeberty"[42] for the agitation thare that led tae the American Revolution.

The entire Commonweel o Massachusetts haes played a pouerfu commercial an cultural role in the history o the Unitit States. Afore the American Ceevil War, Massachusetts wis a centre for the abolitionist, temperance,[43] an transcendentalist[44] movements.[45] In the late 19t century, the sports o basketbaw an volleybaw war inventit in the wastren Massachusetts ceeties o Springfield an Holyoke, respectively.[46][47] In 2004, Massachusetts becam the first U.S. state tae legally recognise same-sex mairiage as a result o the deceesion in Goodridge v. Department o Public Health bi the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Coort.[48] Mony prominent American poleetical dynasties hae hailed frae the state, includin the Adams an Kennedy faimilies. Harvard Varsity in Cambridge is the auldest institution o heicher learnin in the Unitit States,[49] wi the lairgest financial endoument o ony varsity,[50] an Harvard Law School haes eddicatit a contemporaneous majority o Juistices o the Supreme Coort o the Unitit States.[51] Kendall Square in Cambridge haes been cried "the maist innovative squerr mile on the planet", in reference to the heich concentration o entrepreneurial stairt-ups an quality o innovation that hae emerged in the vicinity o the squerr syne 2010.[52][53] Baith Harvard Varsity an the Massachusetts Institute o Technology, an aw in Cambridge, hae been ranked amang the maist heichly regairdit academic institutions in the warld.[54] Massachusetts' public schuil students place amang the tap naitions in the warld in academic performance,[55] an the state haes been ranked as ane o the tap states in the naition for ceetizens tae leeve, as weel as ane o the maist expensive.[56]

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