Atlantic Ocean

seicont-lairgest o the warld's oceans

The Atlantic Ocean is the seicont-lairgest o the warld's oceans. It haes an area o aboot 106.4 million square kilometre (41.1 million square mile). It haps aboot ae-fift o the Yird's surface.

The Atlantic Ocean, no includin Arctic an Antarctic pairts.

The Atlantic Ocean taks up a lang, S-shapit byne atween the Americaes tae the wast, an Europe an Africae tae the east. As a pairt o the hail Warld Ocean, it is jyned in the north tae the Arctic Ocean (whiles conseedered a sea o the Atlantic), tae the Paceefic Ocean in the soothwast, the Indie Ocean in the sootheast, an the Soothren Ocean in the sooth.