George H. W. Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush (12 Juin 1924 – 30 November 2018) wis an American politeecian. He servit as the 41st Preses o the Unitit States frae 1989 tae 1993. Afore he became preses, he wis the 43rd Vice Preses o the Unitit States frae 1981 tae 1989 tae Ronald Reagan, an ambassador, a congressman, an Director o Central Intelligence. He was marrit tae Barbara. His sons are 43rd Preses o the Unitit States George W. Bush an umwhile Governor o Florida Jeb Bush. His dochter is Dorothy Bush Koch. He is an Episcopalian.[1]

George H. W. Bush
41st Preses o the Unitit States
In office
Januar 20, 1989 – Januar 20, 1993
Vice PresesDan Quayle
Precedit biRonald Reagan
Succeedit biBill Clinton
43rd Vice Preses o the Unitit States
In office
Januar 20, 1981 – Januar 20, 1989
PresesRonald Reagan
Precedit biWalter Mondale
Succeedit biDan Quayle
Director o Central Intelligence
In office
Januar 30, 1976 – Januar 20, 1977
PresesGerald Ford
Precedit biWilliam Colby
Succeedit biStansfield Turner
Chief o the Liaison Office tae the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae
In office
September 26, 1974 – December 7, 1975
PresesGerald Ford
Precedit biDavid Bruce
Succeedit biThomas Gates
Chairperson o the Republican Naitional Committee
In office
Januar 19, 1973 – September 16, 1974
Precedit biBob Dole
Succeedit biMary Smith
Unitit States Ambassador tae the Unitit Naitions
In office
Mairch 1, 1971 – Januar 18, 1973
PresesRichard Nixon
Precedit biCharles Yost
Succeedit biJohn Scali
Member o the U.S. Hoose o Representatives
frae Texas's 7t destrict
In office
January 3, 1967 – January 3, 1971
Precedit biJohn Dowdy
Succeedit biWilliam Archer
Personal details
BornGeorge Herbert Walker Bush
12 Juin 1924(1924-06-12)
Milton, Massachusetts, U.S.
Dee'd30 November 2018(2018-11-30) (aged 94)
Houston, Texas, U.S.
Poleetical pairtyRepublican Party
Spoose(s)Barbara Pierce (1945–2018) deceased
Alma materYale University
AwairdsDistinguished Flying Cross
Air Medal (3)
Presidential Unit Citation
SignaturCursive signatur in ink
WabsteidPresidential Library
Militar service
Allegiance United States of America
Service/brainch Unitit States Navy
Years o service1942–1945
Rank Lieutenant (junior grade)
UnitFast Carrier Task Force
Battles/warsWarld War II

Bush wis born in Milton, Massachusetts tae US senator Prescott Bush, He studit at Yale Varsity.

Efter bein Ronald Reagan's vice-preses, George H.W. Bush wis electit preses in 1988 bi defeatin Democrat Michael Dukakis. While he wis Preses, the Cauld War endit an the Soviet Union fell apairt.[2]

Whan Saddam Hussein (the dictator o Iraq) invadit its enemy Kuwait fur tae steal thair supplies o ile, George H.W. Bush lead the Unitit States an mony ither kintras tae pertect Kuwait. The conflict wis callit the Gulf War. He invadit Panama an aa, tae remuive its dictator Manuel Noriega wha wis guilty o drug traffickin.

At hame, George H. W. Bush signit in important laws lik The Americans Wi Disabilities Act.[3] Houiver, the kintra sufferit frae a recession. Afore he became Preses, Bush haed promisit that he wouldna raise cesses (he said "Read my lips: no new taxes!") but efter the recession causit the debt tae grow, he broke his promise an agreit tae raise cesses.[4] This wis embarrassin an mony fowk believe this wis why he lost the presidential election o 1992 tae Bill Clinton.

He deet late in the e'en o St Andra's Day, 30 November 2018 in Houston, Texas, at 94 year auld, haein lived langer than ony US Preses afore him. His wife Barbara deed earlier the semme year, on 17 Aprile 2018, aged 92.

Efter bein preses eedit

Bush nou steys in a ranch in Houston, Texas wi his faimily. Efter his presidency, he supportit John McCain an his son George W. Bush. He recently supportit Mitt Romney an Rick Perry for preses. He attendit the openin o the USS George H.W. Bush, a naval ship namit efter him.

He haed traivelt wi his son tae the 2008 Simmer Olympics in Beijing, Cheenae. On Februar 15, 2011, he wis awairdit the Presidential Medal o Freedom, the heichest ceevilian honour in the Unitit States, bi Preses Barack Obama. He wi present at his son's presidential leebrar openin ceremony on 25 Aprile 2013.

Broccoli eedit

In 1990, he makkit ae affhaund remerk anent broccoli, whaurbye he said he would niver eat the vegetable:

Ah daena like broccoli. An ah hivna likit it syne ah was a wee bairn. An ma mither makkit me eat it. An ah'm Preses o the Unitit States. An ah'm nae gonna eat ony mair broccoli!

— George H. W. Bush's comment anent broccoli, owerset intae Scots[5]

The Preses makkit this comment in 1990, nae lang efter ae reporter frae U.S. News and World Report broke the story that Bush haed baurt the vegetable frae Air Force One.[6] In response, George S. Dunlop, Preses o the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association, gied Barbara Bush, the Foremaist Lady o the Unitit States, ae bouquet o the vegetable an aen additional 10 tons in trucks.[7][8]

Juist days efter, Bush hostit ae state dinner tae honour Tadeusz Mazowiecki, the Prime Meenister o Poland, wha wis gey bumbaiselt bi the hale stamash. Reporters notit 'at there wisnae ae single floret o broccoli on the menu, i' the mauger o the shipment sent bi farmers, as maist o the shipment haed bin gien tae the Capital Area Food Bank.[8][9]

Bush's comments on broccoli were seen as oot o kilter wi Americae at lairge, as broccoli wus seen bi some as the "vegetable o the 80s".[10] It didnae gae doon well wi the fermin commonity,[11] an angered mony parents tryin tae get their bairns tae eat vegetables.[10]

Even efter he vacatit the office o Preses, Bush conteenaed tae speak oot agin broccoli oan Twitter.[12] His son, George W. Bush, mentioned his faither's dislike o broccoli in a eulogy at his 2018 funeral.[13]

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