First Lady o the Unitit States

First Lady o the Unitit States (FLOTUS) is the title haudit bi the hostess o the White House, usually the wife o the Preses o the Unitit States, concurrent wi the preses's term in office. Tho the First Lady's role haes niver bin codifiit or aften defined, she figures prominently in the politeics an social lyfe o the naition.[1] Syne the early 20th yeirhunner, the First Lady haes bin assistit bi official staff, noo kent as the Office o the First Lady an heidquarterit in the East Wing o the White House.

First Lady o the Unitit States
Melania Trump official portrait.jpg
Melania Trump
syne January 20, 2017
StyleMrs. Trump
ResidenceWhite House
Inaugural holderMartha Washington
FurmationApryle 30, 1789
(233 years ago)

Melania Trump is First Lady o the Unitit States the noo, as wife o 45t Preses Donald Trump.


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