Dnipro (Ukrainian: Дніпро [dnʲipro]) or Dnepr (Roushie: Днепр) formerly Yekaterinoslav (Roushie: Екатеринослав, Ukrainian: Катеринослав, translit. Katerynoslav, an aa Catharinoslav on auld maps[3]) is Ukraine's third lairgest ceety wi 1.1 million indwallers.[4] It is locatit sootheast o Ukraine's caipital Kiev on the Dnieper River, in the sooth-central region o the kintra. Dnipro is the admeenistrative center o the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (province).

Dnipro (Дніпро)
Skyline o Dnipro
Skyline o Dnipro
Banner o Dnipro (Дніпро)
Coat of airms o Dnipro (Дніпро)
Coat airms
Map o Ukraine wi Dnipro heichlichtit
Map o Ukraine wi Dnipro heichlichtit
Coordinates: 48°27′0″N 34°59′0″E / 48.45000°N 34.98333°E / 48.45000; 34.98333Coordinates: 48°27′0″N 34°59′0″E / 48.45000°N 34.98333°E / 48.45000; 34.98333
Kintra Ukraine
Oblast Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Ceety Municipality Dnipro
 • MayorIvan Ivanovych Kulichenko[1]
 • Total405 km2 (156 sq mi)
155 m (509 ft)
 • Total1,001,612
 • Density2486/km2 (6,440/sq mi)
Postal code
Area code(s)+380 56(2)
Sister ceetiesVilnius, Durham Region, Samara, Tashkent, Xi'an, Herzliya, Žilina, Saloniki, Wałbrzych

Athin the Dnipro metropolitan aurie thare are 1,860,000 fowk (2001).[5]

A vital industrial centre o Ukraine, Dnipro wis ane o the key centers o the nuclear, airms, an space industries o the umwhile Soviet Union. In pairticular, it is hame tae Yuzhmash, a major space an ballistic missile designer an manufacturer. Acause o its military industry, the ceety wis a closed ceety[6] til the 1990s.

Dnipro haes a heichlie-developit public transportation seestem, includin the Dnipro Metro, which consists o ane metro line wi a tot o 6 stations.

Twin touns — Sister ceeties eedit

The ceety o Dnipro is twinned wi:

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