kintra in Sooth Americae

Argenteinie, offeecially the Argentein Republic (or Argentine Republic), is the seicont lairgest kintra in Sooth Americae ahint Brazil. It is constitutit as a federation o 23 provinces an an autonomous ceety, Buenos Aires. It is the aicht-lairgest kintra in the warld bi land area an the lairgest amang Spaingie-spikin naitions, tho Mexico, Colombie an Spain ar mair populous.

Argentein Republic[A]

República Argentina  (Spaingie)
Motto: "En unión y libertad"  (Spaingie)
"In Unity an Freedom"
AnthemHimno Nacional Argentino  (Spaingie)
Argentine Naitional Anthem
Argentinae shown in daurk green
Argentinae shown in daurk green
and largest city
Buenos Aires
34°36′S 58°23′W / 34.600°S 58.383°W / -34.600; -58.383
Offeecial leidsSpaingie
Ethnic groups
GovrenmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
• Preses
Alberto Fernández
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Chamber o Deputies
frae Spain
25 Mey 1810
• Declared
9 Julie 1816
1 Mey 1853
• Total
2,780,400 km2 (1,073,500 sq mi)[B] (8t)
• Water (%)
• 2013 estimate
• 2010 census
40,117,096[3] (32nt)
• Density
14.4/km2 (37.3/sq mi)[3] (212t)
GDP (PPP)2012 estimate
• Total
$743.121 billion[5] (21st)
• Per capita
$18,112[5] (52nt)
GDP (nominal)2012 estimate
• Tot
$474.954 billion[5] (26t)
• Per capita
$11,576[5] (60t)
Gini (2010)positive decrease 44.49[6]
HDI (2013)Increase 0.811[7]
verra heich · 45t
CurrencyPeso ($) (ARS)
Time zoneUTC−3 (ART)
Date (CE)
Drivin sidericht[a]
Cawin code+54
ISO 3166 codeAR
  1. ^ Trains ride on left.
Territorial organization

Argenteinie's continental area is atween the Andes muntain range in the wast an the Atlantic Ocean in the east. It borders Paraguay an Bolivie tae the north, Brazil an Uruguay tae the northeast, an Chile tae the wast an sooth. Argenteinie claims ower Antarcticae, as well as owerlappin claims made bi Chile an the Unitit Kinrick, are suspendit bi the Antarctic Treaty o 1961. Argentinae claims the Fauklan Isles (Islas Malvinas) an Sooth Georgie an the Sooth Sandwich Islands an aw, which are admeenistered bi the Unitit Kinrick as Breetish Owerseas Territories.

Argenteinie is a foondin member o baith the Unitit Naitions, Mercosur an the Union o Sooth American Nations. Argenteinie is ane o the G-20 major economies.


  1. Article 35 of the Argentine Constitution gives equal recognition to the names "United Provinces of the River Plate", "Argentine Republic" and "Argentine Confederation" and authorizes the use of "Argentine Nation" in the making and enactment of laws.[1]
  2. Area does no include territorial claims in Antarcticae (965,597 km2, includin the Sooth Orkney Islands), the Falkland Islands (11,410 km2), the Sooth Georgie (3,560 km2) an the Sooth Sandwich Islands (307 km2).[3]


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