A Canadae guiss in Central Pairk in The Pool, a bouk o watter aboot 150 metres frae ma apairtment biggin in New York

This is ma uiser page in the Scots leid.
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This uiser is Jewish
This uiser is an anarchist
This uiser kens that Black Lives Matter.
This uiser oppones the denial o the Armenie Genocide.
Rainbowe ower Malcolm X Bld
Peace Funtain: Ape & Aungel

A hae mair nor 40,000 eedits in aw wikis, includin Interlingua (whaur A hae mair nor 10,000 edits), Inglis (10,000+), Portuguese (5000+), Spaingie (3000+), an Scots (500+), an forby in Wikicommons (7000+) an Wikidata (1000+).

Aw o the photaes on this page (includin the twa in ma uiser boxes) are frae ma contreibutions tae Wikicommons.

A'm tryin tae learn the [[Scots leid, whilk isna ma mither tongue.

Lookin wast ower The Pool in Central Pairk
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