A Canadae guiss in Central Pairk in The Pool, a bouk o watter aboot 150 metres frae ma apairtment biggin in New York

This is ma uiser page in the Scots leid.
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This uiser is Jewish
Anarchy-symbol-red.svgThis uiser is an anarchist
Frederick Douglass at the New York Historical Society 25 (cropped).jpgThis uiser kens that Black Lives Matter.
Ashjian family, killed in Armenian genocide 1915.jpgThis uiser oppones the denial o the Armenie Genocide.
Rainbowe ower Malcolm X Bld
Peace Funtain: Ape & Aungel

A hae mair nor 30,000 eedits in aw wikis, includin Interlingua (whaur A hae mair nor 10,000 edits), Inglis (6000+), Portuguese (3000+), Spaingie (2000+), an Scots (500+), an forby in Wikicommons (6000+) an Wikidata (1000+).

Aw o the photaes on this page (includin the twa in ma uiser boxes) are frae ma contreibutions tae Wikicommons.

A'm tryin tae learn the Scots leid, whilk isna ma mither tongue.

Lookin wast ower The Pool in Central Pairk
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