Toyota, Aichi

ceety in Aichi Prefectur, Japan

Toyota (豊田市, Toyota-shi) is a ceety locatit in the Mikawa region o Aichi, Japan, east o Nagoya.


豊田市 · Toyota Ceety
Downtoun skyline
Downtoun skyline
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Toyota is located in Japan
Coordinates: 35°5′N 137°9′E / 35.083°N 137.150°E / 35.083; 137.150Coordinates: 35°5′N 137°9′E / 35.083°N 137.150°E / 35.083; 137.150
 • MayorToshihiko Ota
 • Total918.47 km2 (354.62 sq mi)
 (Julie 1, 2011)
 • Total423,343
 • Density460.92/km2 (1,193.8/sq mi)
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Koromo an ToyotaEedit

The toun o Koromo (挙母市), the predecessor o present day Toyota, wis a major producer o silk an prospered in the Mikawa region frae the Meiji Era throu the Taishō period. As the demand for raw silk declined in Japan an abroad, the toun entered a period o gradual decline. The decline encouraged Kiichiro Toyoda, cousin o Eiji Toyoda, tae leuk for alternatives tae the faimily's automatic luim manufacturin business. The search led tae the foondin o wha became the Toyota Motor Corporation.

The toun gained the status o a ceety on 1 Mairch 1951. The toun chynged its name tae Toyota in 1959, an ane year later, became the sister ceety o anither automotive ceety, Detroit, Michigan. Toyota-shi is an aa twinned wi the Coonty o Derbyshire, Ingland, whaur Toyota operates a manufacturin plant.

On 25 Mairch 2005, Expo 2005 opened wi its main site in Nagakute an additional activity in Seto an Toyota. The Expo continued till 25 September 2005.


The closest Shinkansen station is Mikawa-Anjō Station (aften simply referred tae as Anjo), but residents o Toyota uisually uise Nagoya Station acause Nozomi an Hikari dae no stap at Mikawa-Anjo. Thare is an airport nearbi providin convenient connections.


Tokugawa Ieyasu, who became the first o 15 Tokugawa shoguns, wis a member o the Matsudaira clan, who derived its name frae a veelage o the same name, nou pairt o Toyota.

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