Michigan is a Midwastren state o the Unitit States o Americae. It wis named efter Loch Michigan, whase name is a French adaption o the Ojibwe term mishigama, meanin "lairge loch" or "lairge watter".[3][4]

KintraUnitit States
Afore stateheidMichigan Territory
Admittit tae the UnionJanuar 26, 1837 (26t)
Lairgest ceetyDetroit
Lairgest metroMetro Detroit
 • GovrenorGretchen Whitmer (D)
 • Lieutenant GovernorGarlin Gilchrist (D)
LegislaturMichigan Legislature
 • Upper hooseSenate
 • Lawer hooseHoose o Representatives
U.S. senators
U.S. Hoose delegation7 Democrats
6 Republicans
1 Libertarian (leet)
 • Total9,928,300 (2,016 est)[1]
 • Density67.1/km2 (174/sq mi)
 • Median hooseaud income
$54203 [2]
 • Income rank
 • Offeecial leidNone (Inglis, de facto)
 • Spoken leidInglis 91.11%
Spaingie 2.93%
Arabic 1.04%
Ither 4.92%
Trad. abbreviationMich.
Latitude41° 41' N tae 48° 18' N
Longitude82° 7' W tae 90° 25' W

Michigan is the aicht maist populous state in the Unitit States. It haes the langest freshwatter shoreline o ony poleetical subdiveesion in the warld, bein bounded bi fower o the five Muckle Lochs, plus Loch Saint Clair.[5]




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