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Michigan is a Midwastren state o the Unitit States o Americae. It wis named efter Loch Michigan, whase name is a French adaption o the Ojibwe term mishigama, meanin "lairge loch" or "lairge watter".[8][9]

State o Michigan
Banner o Michigan State seal o Michigan
Banner Seal
Nickname(s): "The Great Loch(s) State", "The Wolverine State", "The Mitten State", "Watter (Winter) Wonderland"
Motto(s): Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice
(Scots: "If ye seek a pleasant peninsula, leuk aboot ye")
Cairt o the Unitit States wi Michigan heichlichtit
Offeecial leid None (Inglis, de facto)
Spoken leids Inglis 91.11%
Spaingie 2.93%
Arabic 1.04%
Ither 4.92%
Demonym Michigander, Michiganian, Yooper (for residents o the Upper Peninsula)[1]
Caipital Lansing
Lairgest ceety Detroit
Lairgest metro Metro Detroit
Aurie Ranked 11t
 • Tot 96,716 sq mi
(250,493 km2)
 • Width 386[2][3] miles (621 km)
 • Lenth 456[2] miles (734 km)
 • % watter 41.5
 • Latitude 41° 41' N tae 48° 18' N
 • Longitude 82° 7' W tae 90° 25' W
Population Ranked 10t
 • Tot 9,928,300 (2016 est)[4]
 • Density 174/sq mi  (67.1/km2)
Ranked 17t
 • Median hoosehauld income $54,203 [5] (31st)
 • Heichest pynt Moont Arvon[6][lower-alpha 1]
1,979 ft (603 m)
 • Mean 900 ft  (270 m)
 • Lawest pynt Loch Erie[6][7]
571 ft (174 m)
Afore statehuid Michigan Territory
Admission to Union Januar 26, 1837 (26t)
Govrenor Rick Snyder (R)
Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley (R)
Legislatur Michigan Legislature
 • Upper hoose Senate
 • Lawer hoose Hoose o Representatives
U.S. Senators
U.S. Hoose delegation 9 Republicans
5 Democrats (leet)
Time zones  
 • maist o state Eastren: UTC −5/−4
 • 4 U.P. coonties (Gogebic, Iron, Dickinson, an Menominee) Central: UTC −6/−5
ISO 3166 US-MI
Abbreviations MI, Mich.

Michigan is the aicht maist populous state in the Unitit States. It haes the longest freshwatter shoreline o ony political subdivision in the warld, being bounded bi fower o the five Muckle Lochs, plus Loch Saint Clair.[10]


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