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Banner o the Unitit Kinrick

The Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Northren Ireland, commonly kent as the Unitit Kinrick or Breetain is a sovereign kintra in wastren Europe. Lyin aff the north-wastren coast o the European mainland, the UK includes the island o Great Breetain, the north-eastren pairt o the island o Ireland an mony smawer islands. Northren Ireland is the anly pairt o the Unitit Kinrick that shares a laund mairch wi anither sovereign state‍—‌the Republic o Ireland. Apairt frae this laund mairch, the UK is surroondit bi the Atlantic Ocean, wi the North Sea tae its east, the Inglis Channel tae its sooth an the Celtic Sea tae its sooth-sooth-wast, giein it the 12t-langest coastline in the warld. The Erse Sea lies atween Great Breetain an Ireland. Wi an aurie o 242,500 square kilometre (93,600 sq mi), the UK is the 78t-lairgest sovereign state in the warld an the 11t-lairgest in Europe. It is an aa the 21st-maist populous kintra, wi an estimatit 65.5 million indwallers. Thegither, this maks it the fowert-maist densely populatit kintra in the European Union (EU).

The UK is a constitutional monarchy wi a pairliamentar democracy. The monarch is Queen Elizabeth II, that haes ringed syne 6 Februar 1952, makkin her the langest-servin current heid o state. The UK's caipital an lairgest ceety is Lunnon, a global ceety an financial centre wi an urban aurie population o 10.3 million, the fowert-lairgest in Europe an seicont-lairgest in the European Union. (Full airticle...)