Saunt Marget o Scotland

Saunt Marget o Scotland (c. 1045 – 16 November 1093), kent as Margaret of Wessex forbye, wis a Scots queen an English princess. Marget whiles wis cried "The Pearl o Scotland". She wis born in the Kinrick o Hungary tae the English prince Edward Ætheling. Kent as Edward the Exile, Margret's faither wis expatriate in Hungary bi Cnut the Great an wadna retour wi his faimly in England til 1057. Efter Harold Godwinson wis kilt at the Battle o Hastings, Margret's brither Edgar Ætheling wis wale't tae be King but wisna crount. Syne, Margret an her faimly flichtit tae Scotland an wis marriet til Malcolm III o Scotland afore the end o 1070.

Saunt Marget o Scotland
Image o Saunt Marget in pentit gless in Edinburgh
Queen consort of Scotland
Bornc. 1045
Kingdom of Hungary
Dee'd(1093-11-16)16 November 1093
Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Kingdom of Scotland
BuirialDunfermline Abbey
SpouseMalcolm III, King of Scotland
FaitherEdward the Exile
Saunt Marget
Queen o Scots
Veneratit inRoman Catholic Church and Anglican Communion
Canonised1250 by Pope Innocent IV
Major shrineDunfermline Abbey, Fife, Scotland
Feast16 November
PatronageScotland, Dunfermline, Fife, Shetland, The Queen's Ferry, an Anglo-Scottish relations

She wis a gey godlie Christian an was weel-kent for her mony warks o charity. Sicna wark wis the steidin o a ferry ower the Firth o Forth for pilgrims vaigin tae St Aundraes in Fife an gied the touns o North Queensferry an South Queensferry their names. Three o Marget's bairns wad be Kings o Scotland (fower gin Edmund, that rang wi his uncle, Donald III is taen tae be a King), an anither wis a queen consort o England. Frae wark attribute tae Turgot o Durham, Marget is thocht tae hiv dee'd in 1093 at Edinburgh Castle, days juist efter bein telt her man wis kilt fechtin the English at Northumbria.

In 1250, Marget wis canonize bi Pope Innocent IV, an she wis reyirdit intil a shrine in Dunfaurlin Palace. Her relics war skailt wi the Scottish Reformation an syne, tint. Mary, Queen o Scots wis gien Marget's heid that wis syne hained bi Jesuits at the Scots College, Douai, France. The heid wis tint in the French Revolution.

Early life

Marget frae a medieval faimily tree

Marget wis the dochter tae the English prince Edward the Exile, an the granddochter o Edmund Ironside, King o England. Whan Ironside dee'd in 1016, Canute gart the bairn Edward an his brither awa tae the Swadish court o Olof Skotkonung an syne the pair wad wan tae Kiev. Growed, he vaigit tae Hungary an in 1046 he fordert King Andrew I tae win the Hungarian croun. Wha Agatha, the mither of Marget an wife o Edward, wis isna weel-kent, but Marget wis born about 1045 in Hungary. Her brither Edgar an sister Cristina war born in Hungary an aa. Marget wis brocht up gey religious at the Hungarian court.

Retour tae England


But a bairn yet, Marget cam wi aa her faimly tae England efter her faither, Edward wis caaed back in 1057 tae mibbe be King efter Edward the Confessor, that haedna bairns. It's no kent hou, but her faither dee'd belive, days juist efter winnin at England. Syne, Marget bade at the English court whaur her brither Edgar wad mibbe be gart King o England. Whan Edward the Confessor dee'd in 1066, it wis Harold Godwinson that wis wale't tae be King, aiblins acause Edgar was thocht ower young tae be King in his ain steid. Efter Harold was kilt at Hastings that year, Edgar was cried King o England, Houaniver, the Witenagemot gied Edgar up tae the Normans, an William the Conqueror taen him awa tae Normandy. He wis brocht back tae England in 1068, an syne flichtit awa up north tae Northumbria wi his mither an sisters.

Vaig to Scotland


Tradition haes that Agatha ettelt tae gang awa back tae the continent wi her bairns frae Northumbria but a muckle storm gart their ship norlins tae Scotland in 1068. It is thocht the faimly landit in the rounds o the modren toun o North Queensferry--a pairt nou kent as St Margaret's Hope. Efter winnin tae Scotland, Marget's faimly socht King Malcolm III tae bield them frae skaith. King Malcolm III wis a widower wi tae bairns, Duncan an Donald an wad be gled o the chance tae mairry intae the auld Anglo-Saxon ryla faimly. Malcolm an Marget war mairriet in 1070.



Marget an Malcolm haed aicht bairns – sax sons an twa dochters:

  1. Edward (c. 1071 – 13 November 1093), kilt wi his faither Malcolm III in the Battle o Alnwick
  2. Edmund o Scotland (c.1071 – efter 1097)
  3. Ethelred o Scotland, Abbot o Dunkeld, Perth an Kinross, Scotland
  4. Edgar o Scotland (c.1074 – 11 Januar 1107), King of Scotland, ringt 1097–1107
  5. Alexander I of Scotland (c.1078 – 23 April 1124), King of Scotland, ringt 1107–24
  6. Edith o Scotland (c. 1080 – 1 May 1118), "Matilda", mairriet King Henry I o England, Queen Consort o England
  7. Mary o Scotland (1082–1116), mairriet Eustace III o Boulogne
  8. David I o Scotland (c.1084 – 24 May 1153), King o Scotland, ringt 1124–53