Ribe (German: Ripen), the auldest extant Dens toun, is in soothwast Jutland an haes a population o 8,187 (1 Januar 2012).[1] Till 1 Januar 2007, it wis the seat o baith the surroondin municipality, an county. Ribe is nou pairt o the enlairgit Esbjerg Municipality in the Region o Soothren Denmark.

The main street o Ribe
The main street o Ribe
Official seal of Ribe
Ribe is located in Denmark
Location in Denmark
Coordinates: 55°19′42″N 08°45′44″E / 55.32833°N 8.76222°E / 55.32833; 8.76222
RegionSoothren Denmark (Syddanmark)
 • Total8,187
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code



Establisht in the first decade o the 8t century[2] an first attestit in a document datit 854 AD; Ribe is the auldest toun in Denmark.

Whan Ansgar the Airchbishop o Hamburg-Bremen, set oot on the "Mission tae bring Christianity tae the North", he made a request in 860, tae the King o Denmark, that the first Scandinavie kirk be built in Ribe. This wis no coincidental, syne Ribe awready at that point wis ane o the maist important trade ceeties in Scandinavie. Housomeivver the presence o a bishop, an thus a cathedral, in Ribe can anerlie be confirmit frae the year 948 AD.

The toun haes mony well-preservit auld buildings, Ribe Cathedral, an aboot 110 hooses are unner Heritage Protection. Denmark's auldest toun haw is foond on the toun's Von Støckens Plads. The biggin wis erectit in 1496, an wis purchased bi the ceety for uise as a toun haw in 1709.


  • Early 8t century AD, foondin o Ribe.
  • The Treaty o Ribe was proclaimed in 1460.
  • 3 September 1580: a great fire destroys a lairge pairt o the toun. 11 streets an 213 hooses burn doun.
  • 11–12 October 1634: a storm tide floods the ceety wi watterlevels risin tae 6.1 metres abuin average.
  • 1 Januar 2007: the Municipality o Ribe ceased tae exist as it mergit wi the municipalities o Esbjerg an Bramming, now formin a new municipality o Esbjerg.
  • 4 Juin 2010: residents celebratit the ceety's 1300t anniversary wi a toun-wide pairty[3]



The follaein table shows the population o Ribe. Data frae afore the 18t century are estimates, the rest are taken frae the offeecial census.

Year Population
1500 ~5,000
1591 ~4,500
1641 ~3,500
1672 ~2,000
Year Population
1769 1,827
1801 1,994
1850 2,984
1901 4,243
Year Population
1976 7,452
1981 7,646
1986 7,709
1990 7,636
Year Population
1996 8,105
2000 7,984
2001 8,031
2002 8,033
Year Population
2003 8,006
2004 7,990
2006 8,081

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Ribe Stork

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