Lawer Austrick (German: Aboot this soondNiederösterreich ) is the northeastmaist state o the nine states in Austrick. The caipital o Lawer Austrick syne 1986 is Sankt Pölten, the maist recently designatit caipital toun in Austrick. The caipital o Lawer Austrick haed umwhile been Vienna, even though Vienna is no offeecially pairt o Lawer Austrick. Wi a land aurie o 19,186 km² an a population o 1.612 million fowk, it is the lairgest state in Austrick, an in terms o population seicont anerlie tae the federal state o Vienna.

Lawer Austrick

Banner o Lawer Austrick
Coat of airms o Lawer Austrick
Coat airms
Location of Lawer Austrick
Kintra Austrick
CaipitalSankt Pölten
 • GovrenorJohanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP)
 • Total19186 km2 (7,408 sq mi)
 • Total1,612,000
 • Density84/km2 (220/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
ISO 3166 codeAT-3
NUTS RegionAT1
Votes in Bundesrat12 (o 62)

Geography eedit

Situatit east o Upper Austrick, Lawer Austrick derives its name frae its dounriver location on the Danube River, which flows frae wast tae east. The state borders on Slovakie, the Czech Republic (Sooth Moravie), an the ither Austrian states o Upper Austrick, Styrie an Burgenland. The state surroonds Vienna.

Lawer Austrick is the lairgest state in Austrick wi an aurie o 19,186.26 square kilometres. It is dividit fower regions, kent as Viertel (quarters):

These regions hae different geographical structurs. Whilst the Mostviertel is dominatit bi the foothills of the Limestone Alps wi muntains up tae 2,000 m AA heich, maist o the Waldviertel is a granite plateau. The hilly Weinviertel lies tae the northeast, descends tae the plains o Marchfeld in the east o the state, an is separatit bi the Danube frae the Vienna Basin tae the sooth, which in turn is separatit frae the Vienna Woods bi a line o thermal springs (the Thermenlinie) runnin north tae sooth.

Lawer Austrick haes an internaitional border, 414 km lang, wi the Czech Republic an Slovakie. The state haes the seicont langest external border o aw Austrian states.

Muntains eedit

Ither muntains in Lawer Austrick mey be foond at Category:Muntains o Lawer Austrick.

Alpine passes eedit

The state border wi Styrie runs ower baith passes.

Rivers eedit


Amaist aw o Lawer Austrick is drained bi the Danube. The anerlie river that flows intae the North Sea via the Moldau an the Elbe is the Lainsitz in northren Waldviertel.

The maist important rivers north o the Danube (on its left banks) are the Ysper, Kamp, Krems, Lainsitz, March an Thaya. Sooth o the Danube (on its richt banks) are the Enns, Ybbs, Erlauf, Melk, Pielach, Traisen, Schwechat, Fischa, Schwarza, Triesting, Pitten an the Leitha.

Lakes eedit

Land uise eedit

Type o land uise Aurie in km² Percent o
total aurie
Fermland 7,000 42
Woods 6,711 40
Grassland 1,750 11
Alpine pasturs 300 1.7
Vineyards 315 1.9

History eedit

The history o Lawer Austrick is vera similar tae the History o Austrick. Mony castles are locatit in Lawer Austrick. Klosterneuburg Abbey, locatit here, is ane o the auldest abbeys in Austrick. Afore Warld War II, Lawer Austrick haed the lairgest number o Jews in Austrick.

Admeenistrative diveesions eedit

Lawer Austrick is dividit intae fower regions: Waldviertel, Mostviertel, Industrieviertel, an Weinviertel. The Wachau valley, situatit atween Melk an Krems in the Mostviertel region, is famous for its landscape, cultur, an wine.

Admeenistratively, the state is dividit intae 21 destricts (Bezirke), an fower independent ceeties an touns (Statutarstädte). In total, there are 573 municipalities athin Lawer Austrick.

Map o Lawer Austrick showin destricts an the fower quarters (Waldviertel in green, Weinviertel in red, Mostviertel in yellae an Industrieviertel in blue)

Independent ceeties an touns eedit

Destricts eedit