Coonties o Ingland

Coonties o Ingland are auries uised for the purposes o admeenistrative, geographical an poleetical demarcation. Aw o Ingland is dividit intae 48 ceremonial coonties, which are forby kent as geographic coonties. Mony o thir coonties hae thair oreegins in antiquity, awtho some wur established as recently as 1974.

Ootside Greater Lunnon an the Isles o Scilly, Ingland is forby dividit intae 83 metropolitan an non-metropolitan coonties. Thir are auries uised for the purposes o local govrenment, an mey conseest o a single destrict or be dividit intae several destricts. 27 o thir coounties are dividit intae destricts an hae a coonty cooncil. Maist ceremonial coonties correspond tae a metropolitan or non-metropolitan coonty o the same name, but aften wi reduced bundaries.

The current arrangement is the result o incremental reform. Frae 1889 tae 1974 auries wi coonty cooncils wur kent as admeenistrative coonties, an ceremonial coonties wur defined separately. Frae 1974 tae 1996 the metropolitan an non-metropolitan coonties correspondit directly wi the ceremonial coonties. For the purpose o directin mail, Ingland wis dividit intae 48 postal coonties frae 1974 tae 1996; thir hae syne been abandoned bi the Ryal Mail. Coonties are uised as the geographical basis for a nummer o institutions sic as polis an fire services.