New Aibey

(Reguidit frae New Abbey)

New Aibey is a veelage in the historical coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. It is aboot 6 mile sooth o Dumfries. The summit o the kenspeckle hill Criffel is 2.5 mile til the sooth.

New Aibey

Veelage Street, New Aibey
New Abbey is located in Dumfries and Galloway
New Abbey
New Abbey
Location within Dumfries an Gallowa
Population82 (2001 Census)
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounDumfries
Postcode destrictDG2
Diallin code01387
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
54°58′48″N 3°37′10″W / 54.979888°N 3.619428°W / 54.979888; -3.619428Coordinates: 54°58′48″N 3°37′10″W / 54.979888°N 3.619428°W / 54.979888; -3.619428

The veelage haes a walth o history includin the ruint Cistercian aibey Sweetheart Aibey, foondit bi Dervorguilla o Gallowa in 1273 in memory o her guidman John I de Balliol. She keepit his embaumt hert close tae her for the lave o her life. The monks name't the aibey dulce cor ("sweet heart"). The veelage haes a wattermill, the New Aibey Corn Mill.[1] Loch Kindar haes a crannog an the veelage his the remeens o Kindar Kirk (this wis the pairish kirk until juist efter 1633 whan it wis transfert til the refectory o the cried doun Sweetheart Aibey) on an island locatit located juist ootby the veelage.

The veelage haes a saw mill, a hottle, a veelage shap, a coffee shap, a primary schuil, a doctor's surgery, a boulin green, a fitbaw pairk (Maryfield Park - hame tae Abbey Vale F.C., an a Kirk o Scotland Kirk. A Roman Catholic kirk, St Mary's, designt bi the New Aibey born airchitect Walter Newall closed in 2013. It is noo the Thomas Bagnall Centre with occasional retreats an Mess said there.

Twa burns flowe throu the veelage; the New Aibey Pow that rins intil the mooth o the River Nith, an the Sheep Burn.

Namely fowk

  • William Paterson (1658-1719) - foonder o the Bank of England, he wis buirit in the veelage

Leetit biggins in New Aibey

  • Carse Farmhouse And Steading Range Adjoining To South West
  • New Abbey Village New Abbey Mill
  • Mossyard Cottage And Former Steading
  • New Abbey Village The Square M J Carberry's Shop/Post Office, House And Warehouse
  • Kinharvie House And Chapel
  • New Abbey Village Kindar Lodge
  • New Abbey Village New Abbey Parish Church
  • New Abbey Village Abbey House
  • New Abbey Village Abbey House Garden Walls
  • 6-11 (Inclusive Nos), The Square Including Old Smithy And Former Weigh- House
  • New Abbey Village Sweetheart Abbey And Precinct Walls
  • Glenharvie House Dovecot
  • New Abbey Village New Abbey Parish Manse 28 Main Street
  • West Shambellie Pottery (Former Bacon Factory)
  • New Abbey Village Kindar House
  • New Abbey Village Church House
  • New Abbey Village St Mary's Rc Church And Presbytery
  • New Abbey Village 21 Main Street Devorgilla Cottage And Outbuilding To West
  • New Abbey Village Main Street Rosewall
  • New Abbey Village The Old House
  • New Abbey Village 5 Main Street Port House
  • New Abbey Village New Abbey Bridge (A710 Over New Abbey Pow)
  • New Abbey Village Kindar Cottages
  • New Abbey Village 5 The Square
  • Shambellie House
  • Shambellie House Lodge And Gatepiers
  • Beeswing Village Lochend Church
  • Shambellie Grange Archway
  • Glenharvie House, Screen Wall And Outbuildings
  • Sweetheart Abbey Cemetery
  • Waterloo Monument
  • Shambellie House Walled Garden
  • Shambellie House Hollinbush Cottage And Outbuildings (Formerly Shambellie Offices And Coachman's House)


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