The Kirk

(Reguidit frae Kirk o Scotland)

The Kirk o Scotland is the naitional kirk in Scotland. It is Presbyterian, an asinder frae the Anglican Kirk o Ingland. It is a stablisht kirk, as it is the offeecial kirk in Scotland, but it is a free kirk forby — that is, it isna a state kirk (unlike the Kirk o Ingland i Ingland), an disna hae tae repone til the Scots or UK govrenments.



The kirk is govrened bi its General Assembly, convened ance a year in Edinburgh. That assembly wales a Moderator that presides ower the meetins o the assembly an acts as the Kirk's "public face" for the ae year. The monarch o the Unitit Kinrick is a member, but no the heid o the Kirk o Scotland — the heid o the Kirk o Scotland is conseedered tae be Jesus Christ.

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