Subdiveesions o Scotland

(Reguidit frae Subdivisions o Scotland)

For local govrenment purposes, Scotland is dividit intae 32 auries designatit as "cooncil auries", which are aw govrened bi single-tier authorities[1] designatit as "cooncils".

Cooncils o Scotland
Scotland Administrative Map 2009.png
CategoryAdmeenistrative unit
Nummer32 Cooncils
Populations21,400 (Orkney Islands) – 593,200 (Glasgow)
Auries67 square mile (170 km2) (Dundee) - 11,838 square mile (30,660 km2) (Hieland)
GovrenmentCooncil govrenment
SubdiveesionsLieutenancy Aurie, Shire


  1. Wi respect tae Scotland the phrase "unitar authority" is merely descriptive; in the Unitit Kinrick the phrase "unitar authority" as a designation is speceefic tae local govrenment auries in Ingland.